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Just so you know cards like Pearl Medallion alter the costs of spells after other effects like Buyback, Kicker, Madness, and Entwine alter it's cost. For example you can cast Change of Heart and buy it back all for just one White if you control three Pearl Medallions.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/8/2009 4:52:56 PM)


These are aweseome, I use one, well only because I only have one, in my soldier deck. This seriously makes things so much better. It pretty much makes turn four actually turn three, turn five actually turn four. etc.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (5/24/2010 11:50:08 AM)


@ChaosFire: You must be thinking of the Mox Diamond, but the Mox Pearl is indeed the white Mox.
Posted By: Long_Con (3/17/2011 4:37:31 PM)



The Medallions don't reduce the colored cost of spells only the colorless costs.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/24/2010 7:27:39 PM)


Love me a real one of these.
Posted By: Selez (11/5/2009 10:59:02 PM)


Why is this the only medallion in the cycle to not share its name with its corresponding mox?
Posted By: ChaosFire (2/20/2011 11:58:30 AM)


this series of mana cost reducers is a nice combo with Fist of Suns!
Posted By: Tezz (10/20/2009 9:30:20 AM)


Casual angel decks love these (if they can trade/afford them), as some of the best angels are too expensive to otherwise cast without cheating them into play.
Posted By: HolyCause (6/24/2011 2:39:54 PM)


Everyone loves a nice pearl necklace.
Posted By: zakedodead (7/15/2012 12:20:09 AM)


@Tezz: Fist of the Suns doesn't make the card every color, it just lets you cast it for an alternate cost. So not only does this card not reduce the cost of things cast via Fist of the Sun's alternate cost, but it couldn't affect them anyway unless they were already white.
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (6/24/2013 6:16:56 PM)


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