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Let me paint a picture for you, fellow Magic fans:

Turn 1: Seat of the Synod, Mox Opal,
Turn 2: Artifact Land, Memnite/Ornithoper/Phyrexian Walker
Turn 3: Land, Qumulox

That's a 5/4 Flyer on turn 3 with a minimal commitment in an artifact-based deck. He's as efficient as Tarmogoyf in some circumstances.
Posted By: troublestarts (12/29/2010 10:35:47 PM)


A 5/4 flying for UU?

Posted By: Gear61 (5/15/2010 11:31:09 PM)


That's totally the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Posted By: midnightvenom (7/11/2010 8:34:08 AM)


The Eldrazi are from Mirrodin? (Emrakul joke)
Posted By: NeoKoda (8/18/2011 6:59:12 PM)


Based on the art, one could argue that this should be a Jellyfish Beast.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/11/2010 3:05:19 AM)


Its one of the bad guys from War of the Worlds. Tom Cruise be damned.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/13/2010 6:46:12 AM)


I need some of these to add to my deck. Something to fill that slot between Somber Hoverguard and Broodstar. Nim Shrieker just isn't cutting it since it trades with any 1/1 flyer.
Posted By: dark_hero (1/22/2011 9:17:31 PM)


So... BlueBlue for a 5/4 Flier. Pretty good.
Posted By: JFM2796 (8/19/2011 10:33:53 PM)


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