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Run with Remembrance.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/3/2009 7:38:48 PM)


Unlike Cursed Zombie, this one actually has the body to resist repeatable sources of damage such as Cursed Scroll. Of course, in those cases you stop casting the creature, but get set back two turns anyways. It's a lot better on free-for-all multiplayer, and it would actually be cool to have it reprinted in a core set.
Posted By: DrJones (4/29/2009 7:22:56 AM)


2.5/5. Beautiful art and it can fly. Nearly unlimited chump blocks, and its an angel to boot. But its too expensive to see play in any format where its legal (Tempest Block format included, who only uses swarm tactics with creatures).
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (6/1/2009 1:29:44 PM)


So badass, it avenges itself.
Posted By: raptorman333 (5/23/2013 1:16:48 PM)


Anything that recurs itself without harming its controller is great in my book.
Posted By: AmericanVigor (12/1/2010 10:28:59 AM)


One word, "may", makes this card better than many of its ilk, who end up clogging your draws.
Posted By: Equinox523 (6/20/2011 1:16:50 PM)


Funny how in this day and age, this card really is not that great. It slows you down a turn, is susceptible to the bevy of removal spells that exile rather than destroy, and really doesn't provide that much of a punch for its cost. Still probably pretty good for casual players. They should remake it, but make it better.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (11/28/2012 11:13:52 AM)


Wish she had haste. She even looks haste-y.
Posted By: cyclicide (1/5/2013 1:14:31 PM)


Making this lady cost {3}{W}{R} and giving her haste would have made it a pretty bad-a$s card, almost a precursor Razia or Aurelia.
Posted By: SeriouslyFacetious (10/3/2013 10:02:47 PM)


Matt Wilson always paints the hottest women.
Posted By: car2n (3/25/2014 1:51:22 PM)