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All your persist belong to us.
Posted By: magicpablo666 (2/24/2012 8:25:48 AM)


Allows persisters to keep going forever.

Also helps charge up a Lux Cannon or a Darksteel Reactor.
Posted By: Arachnos (4/9/2012 11:24:44 AM)


One of the best, most versatile, and cheapest $ Johnny cards in existence. A must have for the kooky deckbuilder.
Posted By: Homelands (8/23/2011 9:28:29 AM)


Good for creatures with undying like Young Wolf.

The idea of removing infect/wither counters and using them to pump my creatures... 5/5.
Posted By: somegeek (3/30/2012 10:06:18 PM)


I immediately think of age counters. ^^
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (5/14/2012 10:22:12 PM)


This card is like a Giant Fan blowing counters around.... Wait....
Posted By: swords_to_exile (5/21/2012 11:36:33 PM)


Best card in the whole world ever. Yeah.
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (10/28/2011 9:28:45 AM)


I am surprised no-one has mentioned Magistrate's Scepter!
Posted By: Haneyphi (3/12/2013 6:14:00 AM)


My favourite combination; Power Conduit, Aether Vial, and Energy Chamber ... Oh Yes. Get out those monsters and power them up!
Posted By: Vanez (5/10/2010 1:31:30 PM)


I've been enjoying messing around with this in a brew using Everflowing Chalice, Lost Auramancers, and Cenn's Tactician. Obviously the synergy is insane to begin with, but every time I come back to look at this card, I am more impressed. For example, did you realize that the 'remove a counter' clause does not target? In just this example, giving Lost Aurmancers shroud makes it pretty impossible to deal with, and a nice way to ramp out enchantments. (Turn 1 Tactician, Turn 2 Chalice, Turn 3 Auramancers, Turn 4 double Power Conduit, turn 5 Eldrazi Con***ion on an already 4/4 Tactitian? Ouch. And it keeps being effective later into the game as well.)

Also makes a pretty nasty defense against infect, and a good way to move counters around to get full value for proliferate. This card has too many uses to actually count.
Posted By: evilcheeser (11/17/2010 4:26:14 PM)


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