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It's a shaaaaark. 5/5
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (10/31/2010 6:28:18 PM)


I'm with Leshrac here, I would love to see a good shark card some day. I do like the art on this card.
Posted By: SethLarz (7/23/2010 11:32:58 PM)


I think that this kind of card is good in limited. It fends off 1 and 2 toughness creatures early game and in a match-up against another blue deck it becomes an aggressive early play.

Terrible for constructed, but then, most cards are anyway. Keep that in mind.
Posted By: Talcos (7/24/2010 8:02:45 AM)


I think this card is underrated, sure it has the drawback of most likely not being able to attack, but that is easily changed by spreading seas. In addition, blue doesnt care much for attack anyways, so the lack of an offense factor really means nothing.
Posted By: Burningsickle (7/30/2012 7:28:22 PM)


Volrath was a better villain than I gave him credit for if he had a shark pit in his Stronghold.
And that pun? Classic Moore era Bond.
Posted By: TPmanW (1/27/2013 7:16:15 PM)


It is a decent defensive play though - fends off a lot of early swarmers
Posted By: Moleland (4/14/2011 2:22:13 PM)


This pun is a strain - I give it gets an "E" for effort. ("Cross your t's and dot your i's", for the record...)

I also hope that some day they make a good shark. Dare to dream!
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (10/6/2009 12:18:39 PM)


Not as bad as most of the islandhome creatures.
Buuuuut, still just no good.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (4/30/2010 7:49:35 PM)


You know, at first glance this thing is terrible, but Spreading Seas could do it some justice...No, it's still terrible. Art's cool.
Posted By: coyotemoon722 (11/26/2009 11:58:40 PM)


Hammerhead is evolving into Shambleshark!
Hammerhead has evolved into Shambleshark!

"Shambleshark, the Fish Crab Pokemon..."
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/6/2013 8:35:28 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!