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this was good in goblin/sligh decks against control or any deck packing few creatures. The red deck burns through whatever they have and voila! Two damage per turn.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (8/6/2009 6:38:29 PM)


I'd rather have jackal pup
Posted By: storm_crow4presidnt (4/22/2010 9:17:57 AM)


also encourages blocks that let your warren instigator and goblin lackey through
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/3/2011 8:10:34 AM)


Tattermunge Maniac Is Always better But If Your Playing Against Control Or Mill Mightest Well Run All 8
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (12/28/2010 12:01:16 PM)


W...w...what? It's pretty much worse than a 1/1 unless they have no creatures. Hell, it's as good as a 0/1, because you can't do damage if they can block it. You'd need to get a bunch down quickly to make any impact.
Posted By: Elysiume (7/8/2009 9:21:37 PM)


Built in donate?
Posted By: TopRomen (11/3/2010 5:53:12 PM)


I think the rating is a bit low, although i admit that it won't help you much if your opponent has any creatures.
(Also there are better one-drop goblins with an attack power of 2, like Tattermunge Maniac, Goblin Guide or even Mogg Cons.cripts/Goblin Cohort)

But this provides some fun with Sheltering Ancient.
...downside is that it requires your opponent to attack or block with a creature.
Posted By: Mode (6/8/2011 5:17:33 PM)


Urza's block had it's ups and downs. . .
Posted By: EpitomeOfEvilness (9/7/2011 8:43:18 PM)


Wait... did... did Master of Etherium say something intelligent?
Posted By: RJDroid (10/19/2011 10:29:49 PM)


This was actually played in Red Deck Wins for quite some time, and it was a good creature. It was unlikely you'd do much attacking with a 2/1 when they had blockers anyway, and that's what burn is for.
Posted By: Magil (11/12/2012 3:40:17 PM)


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