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"Only $80 bucks"... I say that when I get 30-50 cards, not 4. I could never bring myself to get this for my Commander deck, which is sad, because it'd love it.

Oh well, Verduran Enchantress will do for me.
Posted By: sarroth (7/10/2011 10:05:47 AM)


I play this card because it is attractive
I play this card because of crushing card advantage
I play this card because Solitary Confinement exists

But most of all, i play this card for the slump of shoulders, and the look of hopeless despair, as i play lockpiece after lockpiece and my hand just keeps growing.
Posted By: stille_nacht (10/31/2011 8:12:35 PM)


A clear 5/5 monster of a card loved by all different kinds of players.

Slam dunk.
Posted By: Baconradar (11/24/2011 4:24:59 PM)


@ TheWrathOfShane

This needs to be banned, because it shlts on anything else thats doing the same thing as it. "Not in every deck" and "enchantment decks arnt broken" is not the argument. The argument is clearly this thing is stronger then the rest of the enchantment drawers.

By the logic you present, Lightning Bolt should be banned. "Nothing else is quite as good as it at doing what it does" is not a decent argument for banning.
Posted By: Lord_Seth_02 (5/8/2012 3:11:43 PM)


With her in play and Rancor in hand, Auratog says "pay one green mana: auratog gains +2/+2 and trample. Draw a card."

I actually prefer the Verduran version over her for nostalgia, and the ability to limit my card drawing. I also have a Verduran playset and don't feel like paying 80 bucks for shroud.
Posted By: Laguz (12/21/2009 11:47:39 PM)


Best enchantress hands down and I have all of them. And use all of them in my EDH deck.
Posted By: blazestudios23 (11/29/2012 3:30:55 PM)


Yeah yeah, great card, five stars and all that... ok, this is bugging me; can anyone tell me what that critter on her shoulder is?
EDIT: Still no answer on what that critter is... It looks like a cat, but has... hands? And lordy look at that tail. Please guys, what is that thing?!
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (10/24/2011 6:17:47 AM)


Wish I could use Strip Bare on her, but sadly she has shroud.

In all seriousness though, great card. Excellent card draw for any deck that runs lots of enchantments
Posted By: VoidedNote (9/12/2010 8:39:04 PM)


At 2 mana, she comes out quicker than the Verduran, and shroud gives her some protection. On the other hand, Verduran is tougher, and can have auras casted onto herself. Best option, don't bother worrying about which is better, run both (and Mesa Enchantress if your deck includes white).
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/27/2010 5:56:24 AM)


This card can fuel about a million combos. And wtf, since when does green have a better draw aspect than blue?
Posted By: skullpizza (7/17/2009 11:47:45 AM)