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Another example of awesome art on an alpha black card.
Posted By: BadProgram (10/6/2010 11:24:20 PM)


Anybody who played this card faced the ugliness that was Stone Rain or Sinkhole, either of which could start a downward spiral of land depletion if they took out one of the only three black sources on the battlefield. Many a player lost the game after playing this.
Posted By: professornutbutter (9/23/2009 4:42:02 AM)


This could be downright mean in some of the older mono-blacks. I remember having a deck with this, ebon praetor and Minion of Leshrac. Good times!
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (3/22/2010 4:24:29 AM)


This used to be an incredibly frustrating card to deal with due to both its color and toughness for the removal spells of the day.
Posted By: DijitalDijin (3/17/2009 6:57:38 PM)


Nowadays, this card is overcosted, although if you remove the upkeep, I think it would be playable...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 11:38:36 AM)


A great example of an old card that will get a nice Renaissance after people read this:

1. First it was a Demon-- TIMMAH!!!! :D
2. Then it was Land Destruction- BOOO! we hate that! >:(
3. THEN it was BAD Land Destruction-- 'card is old jank that dumb people thought was cool. nice art. next.'

Kaalia of the Vast. Land Tax. >:D

Yes, of course I'm really that evil. Didn't you see the 'DarthParallax' signature in the corner?

>:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/3/2011 5:25:49 PM)


These are fallen ones from DIABLO!
Posted By: GengilOrbios (7/28/2011 3:15:02 AM)


For the upkeep you have to pay off the Better Business Bureau.
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (5/31/2013 6:33:24 AM)