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strictly better then the lord of the dance
Posted By: ttian (3/27/2009 9:49:28 AM)


The original Black monster, vicious and effective. This version comes with beautiful artwork...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 4:26:06 PM)


I wish I would have one of these. Back then it was very powerful and it looked great with that art.
Posted By: Azuredrake89 (7/22/2010 4:11:27 AM)


Yeah, the new art's good, but this... this, to any magic player who's been around for a while, represents the true terror of realizing the combo seventh turn of this, breeding pit and a few bad moons.

Posted By: land_comment (11/27/2011 7:54:54 PM)


Outstanding creature for alpha. If you weren't up against Wheel of Fortune or the Power 9, this would dominate.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (9/1/2012 11:14:05 AM)


This is the card that made me want to start playing this game. First, I just love saying "Lord of the Pit." Then there's the artwork... nothing like it, man. As far as the suicide aspect, dying to this thing because I wasn't able to control it was so flavorful that it was almost ok. I mean, I started playing D&D/AD&D back in 81, so I got that if you summoned a demon and screwed around with it, you'd die. No cacodemon spells here. And when I didn't die, but used my summoned fiend to crush my opponent? All was right with the world.

This card isn't about what is better and what is worse. This card is about, well, this card. And it has to be a 5/5, because this is Magic, and it's a Lord of the Pit.
Posted By: Morgaledh (9/7/2012 10:20:17 PM)


Posted By: Red-White (11/18/2012 2:48:04 AM)


Come on guys. This didn't dominate in 4th edition (which is basically Alpha less the power 9, antes, etc.), but it wasn't an unthinkably terrible card like Leviathan. This was the biggest thing Timmy could reasonably play with.
At 7 evading trampling dmg/turn you didn't need a Breeding Pit, and w/ Dark Ritual you didn't need to wait 'til turn 7. Of course sometimes you did have to wairt til turn 7, were down a few life, and had no sac-able creatures...
Posted By: The_Erudite_Idiot (4/1/2013 7:09:09 PM)


Azuredrake89: "I wish I would have one of these. Back then it was very powerful and it looked great with that art."

The beauty of powercreep is that this guy (in most editions) is only worth about .50 cents online. The almighty shivan dragon of yesterdays can be had for between a quarter and a dollar. Lord knows serra angel didnt hold up either.

Even without the competitive play value, these cards are still worth more than their price in flavor and memories.
Posted By: DeadLeeCoC (8/16/2013 10:02:58 PM)


A friend of mine never gives up on this card. He still tries (largely unsucccessfully) to build all his decks around it.
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (10/17/2013 3:29:41 AM)


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