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"Brigid's sure been using some funny-lookin' arrows lately...."
Posted By: Zuriga_Sungama (3/10/2011 9:51:59 AM)


This wont work with Infect creatures since its the equipment doing the damage and not the creature.
I like to put it on Leech Bonder with a Viridian Longbow.
Posted By: Nayban (6/14/2011 1:52:07 PM)


This card is awesome. It turns blocking into a "Damned if You Do, Dead if You Don't" situation. Especially fun to play on a fatty and then watch the opponent agonize over whether to block.
Posted By: luca_barelli (9/2/2011 3:11:33 PM)


Equip it to Balefire Dragon.

They block? There goes their side of the board.
They don't? There goes their side of the board.
Posted By: NARFNra (7/24/2013 11:05:10 AM)


The Scythe end of the Kusari-Gama is the weapon end. Typically you either swing the scythe by hand and use the wooden block to trip or trap your enemies or you can swing both but it's definately the scythe that incurs the harm.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (8/19/2010 9:01:04 PM)


Dansiman: Notice that Kusari-Gama deals the extra damage to each other creature the defending player controls. That means that the equipment is the source of the damage, not the creature. Because the creature must be the source of the damage, the ability will not trigger an infinite amount of times when damage is divided amongst 2 or more defending creatures.

This card has lots of clever wording on it though. It says "deals damage," not "deals combat damage," which can provide a lot of fun for direct damage creatures like Gelectrode, Brion Stoutarm, or my personal favorite, Spikeshot Goblin. Also, Kusari-Gama says "deals damage to a blocking creature," not "deals damage to a creature blocking equipped creature," allowing Gelectrode or Brion to deal way more damage. Unfortunately, Brion won't gain you life for all of the damage Kusari Gama deals, but hey, it still works pretty well.
Posted By: Kenji18 (7/17/2009 11:02:50 AM)


this person obviously doesn't know what a Kusari-Gama is.

"How does that ability translate to flavor, exactly? Whack? I hit you with the snake-inscribed piece of wood on the end of the rope? ALL of you? Huh."
Posted By: Esprel (11/23/2009 8:01:08 PM)


SBE's are checked upon each resolution, the blockers would be dead before anything else would happen, But since you're blocking with two i would assume the creature being blocked is of high power meaning the rest of his board would be wiped by the second resolution.
Posted By: heardroundtheworld (7/1/2009 3:45:23 PM)


Brion Stoutarm wont work because he only deals damage to a player, but it was a good thot. i had to double check that one before i said anything cause i used to think the same thing. if he could he should def be mythic rare. another good use for this is to attack with a 1/1 creature which will probably make an opponent not think it through and block it since its easy to kill. just have a card like Kumano, master yamabushi sitting back not attacking and play his damage ability to blast away the defending creatures. also works well with Oros the Avenger, who could(with kusarigama) essentially deal 6 damage across the field to all non white creatures and at least 3 damage to all creatures defending player controls so long as one of them blocked a 1/1 or anything to that degree. Just look for cards that like Kenji18 said such as Gelectrode that can deal damage from a distance. Another great strategy is to a... (see all)
Posted By: cadenblade (8/26/2009 10:20:24 PM)


Any creature with infect holding this is a headache for your opponent. Do you take the hit, or risk weakening if not killing your entire board?
Posted By: Iktomi (5/11/2011 3:15:47 AM)