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expensive? yes. too easy to deal with? yes. epic flavor text? definitely.
Posted By: catowner (12/11/2010 6:12:33 PM)


It's not Annihilator, since this only works if he gets through. Annihilator works even if the creature is blocked.
Posted By: sonorhC (7/29/2011 8:27:20 PM)


The goblin has a weak body and a high mana cost, which is pretty bad, but he's got a rather strong ability tied to him. I don't think reducing his CMC is a good idea - you don't want repeatable "make defending player sacrifice a permanent" coming into the game too early (or too easily), because the faster you get it out there, the less likely it is that the opponent has a fair chance to do anything about it - and in all honesty, repeatable land destruction is unfun to play against.

Look at him - he is a rogue! A Cloak and Dagger will mean that your opponent only has one shot at removing him, and if they don't take it then you can devote your resources to removing blockers. Make it a RedBlack deck and you should have any number of ways to remove your opponent's creatures and be sure that you'll be hitting with the little guy.

I'll concede that he was pretty bad when printed, but he has more support now than he used to, and I think he's certainly got poten... (see all)
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (3/3/2011 11:12:27 AM)


It's an Eldrazi Goblin.
Posted By: nammertime (8/3/2010 12:06:38 PM)


goblin tunneler
Posted By: raptorman333 (4/17/2013 6:42:53 AM)


Far too expensive for this body.
After all the opponent gets the choice of removal, and this guy will be sentenced to death by any little chump blocker.
Plus the comboability of this guy is not very high since this will only work with combat damage. Sure, Whispersilk Cloak would still work, but then you spend 8Red to let your opponent take one damage and sacrifice a permanent. Not worth the trouble if you ask me.
If this ability would actually trigger with any damage i would consider using him in a Shaman deck with Thornbite Staff, but unfortunately it doesn't :(

Sure, that would have been one hell of a card if he was a two-drop only, but if they're going to raise the mana cost they shouldn't forget about giving him a bigger body as well... 2/3 at the same cost would have made him playable i guess.

Compare him to Ashling, the Extinguisher for example. That's how such a card should rather look like.
Posted By: Mode (9/1/2009 11:05:34 PM)


This is a costly card, but if you have Goblin Warchiefs, Goblin Chieftains, and MAYBE, Coat Of Arms, then this guy is pretty great !
Posted By: feliciano182 (2/5/2010 4:43:40 PM)


He is above nothing, but nothing is above him. He's cool. 2.5 stars
Posted By: Dalek9 (7/19/2009 12:04:13 PM)


My GF played a Ponza deck with 4 chrome moxes, 4 Slith firewalkers and 8 land destruction cards.

She also ran a few of this guy to make her deck a bit different. She would sometimes lock down even blue decks with this guy if she got a decent start. He wrecked Tooth and Nail.

At a certain point there was no way to come back from his continued harrasment.
Posted By: SweetZombiJesus (11/19/2010 9:16:39 AM)


Posted By: gromgrom777 (7/30/2010 9:18:38 PM)


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