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Years ago I had a terrible black discard deck. At one point when I was visiting family I learned that my cousins boyfriend played magic. We decided to play a game at some point and I played this card. This is where the boyfriend (16) playing me (12) shows what an utter jerk he is. Rather than revealing his whole hand to me, instead he has the cards layered on top of one another so I can only see the edges of the majority of the cards in his hand, this is course AFTER he reordered his hand. It was clear to me what he was doing; there was something in his hand he didn't want me to see and force him to discard.
So I insist he show me all the cards, he refuses and tells me he'll quit unless I decide right now. He starts counting down from ten. I refuse to choose, it being utterly clear to me that he's simply a bully trying to strong arm someone years younger than him. So his "timer" runs out and he packs up his cards. The real lesson I learned that day is that if someone's going to act in... (see all)
Posted By: brilliantmumbler (11/17/2012 10:14:35 AM)


There's nothing wrong with the flavor text. The speaker lost his mind, after all.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/16/2012 8:41:31 PM)


if i remember the flavour text is a Ozzy Osbourne's quote
Posted By: BryanFR (9/21/2009 3:47:43 PM)


Doesn't seem that powerful until someone uses it on you to grab your game winning card. Rest assured the other 3 copies of your card are resting safely on the bottom of your deck.
Posted By: lordfinbar (4/14/2010 8:27:19 AM)


Such a control(ly) card that not even blue would stoop that low.
Posted By: AvatarOfHOE (12/26/2010 11:54:39 AM)


eh, a bit better than duress but more costly
Posted By: Shinigami-2099 (3/12/2011 9:41:47 PM)


One out of few cards that allow you to discard an opponent's basic land.
By far not the best discard, though.
Posted By: Mode (7/20/2009 11:56:11 AM)


Outclassed by Distress most of the time. Unless you depend on them having a lower hand size or triggering some ability, most discard is used as a tool to remove future threats.
Posted By: dberry02 (10/13/2011 3:04:28 AM)


Flavor text typo? "Of all I that I have lost"?
Posted By: ratchet1215 (5/3/2010 10:59:35 PM)


don't take candy from a stranger
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 8:37:43 AM)


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