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At least it's using protection.
Posted By: occamsrazorwit (9/18/2012 10:06:05 AM)


More Wurms should wear helmets.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/30/2010 3:10:02 PM)


@Anubisisking: If you like to make some stupid "first letter of each line" joke, at least make sure to say something actually sensated... What does "is there A situation where you would pay it's convoke cost?" means? Convoke isn't a cost of sort, it's like a discount actually! And with "it's not going to Kill someone before at least 4 turns or so" do you mean that you're playing with a deck with 56 lands and 4 Siege Wurms?

You can drop this in the 4th turn even with a regular hand, so I don't think it's so bad... It's balanced and well-designed. I can see me play this card in some casual mono-green or GW deck!

Posted By: leomistico (8/1/2011 8:56:49 PM)


Turn 1) Forest, Skyshroud Ranger
Turn 2) Forest, use Skyshroud Ranger's ability, Wood Elves
Turn 3) Forest, convoke Skyshroud Ranger and Wood Elves to play Siege Wurm
Turn 4) Blanchwood Armor or Canopy Cover on Siege Wurm
And that's usually how I play Siege Wurm.
Posted By: bry57911 (8/1/2012 10:48:49 PM)


Tappin' your Centaur Omenreader, reducing cost by 3 and stuff.
Posted By: Dannyman658 (11/12/2012 7:05:06 PM)


I think in terms of player attention convoke as one of ten unique guild mechanics from RavnicaBlock really drew one of the short straws. When one considers that a convoke card in hand somehow gives all your creatures on the battlefield a mana producing ability to play the spell, it doesn't seem so bad.
Posted By: holgir (9/24/2009 6:02:46 AM)


Still has better art than Armada Wurm. And they're both pretty unfortunate, regardless of phallic resemblances, compare to the art on Worldspine Wurm and tell me it isn't time to take those stupid helmets off the wurms. Yes we get it, they're breaking through solid rock, but they just don't look or feel right.
Posted By: Kontrah (10/24/2013 2:27:16 PM)


Combos well with scuttling death. What? They seem like they belong together.
Posted By: Youlose20life (5/16/2011 12:34:50 PM)


Sigmund Freud would get a kick out of this card

Heheh, psychology joke, heheheh
Posted By: Superllama12 (4/28/2011 6:22:01 PM)


"Each creature you tap while playing this spell..."

Posted By: Stray_Dog (1/29/2011 6:03:22 AM)