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Watch terminator 2, Arnold uses the word "endoskeleton", Wolverine is a good reference too. Endo is on the inside, exo is on the outside, like the cyborg ninja from metal gear solid.
Posted By: Sironos (5/15/2010 2:18:26 PM)


This is Mishra- the entire point of "endoskeleton" is it makes your creature tougher. Mihra took a blast of fire to the chest and is alive because, although his flesh is gone, he is clockwork on the inside. His endoskeleton saved him. Hence the image, card, etc.
Posted By: Guest1383951442 (7/4/2010 11:57:21 PM)


No, endoskeleton is correct. Endo = internal, exo = external. Think Wolverine.

There was never a time that this card was good, and there never will be.
Posted By: B0rb0rkymos (4/29/2010 11:13:57 AM)


Generally, most skeletons are internal. One would hope. Perhaps they should have gone for a Mesoskeleton.

The art seems to be displaying some kind of external armour, so, again, some discrepancy. Anyway, this is another of the many precursors to Equipment. Generally, however, these psuedo-equipment cards are overcosted for their effect. Compare Slagwurm Armor. Running modern equipment is generally a better idea then these older prototypes- more interactions, obviously, with regards to pro-Equipment cards, among many other benefits.

So, yeah. Nothing much to see here.
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (5/10/2010 6:59:37 AM)


ENDO is correct. It describes the tough Phyrexian skeleton of Mishra here.

Great artwork and it depicts a very prominent character in Magic. And he's holding the Weakstone here. This was after taking a blast from one of Urza's first ever sorceries. A few moments later, Mishra returned mounted or conjoined to a dragon engine to destroy Urza but then Urza has filled the Golgothian Sylex with enough mana and blasted everything to kingdom come.
Posted By: getz19 (2/16/2011 12:04:32 AM)


There exist many equipments that I'd rather have in this format. Reasons:

1. This can be used at instant speed.
2. This can be used on creatures you don't control.

So this isn't mediocore to Slagwurm Armor because you can attack (or block) and watch what happens before 'attaching' this.
Posted By: tavaritz (8/13/2011 2:05:47 PM)


Hmm... Prototype equipment...
Posted By: Moleland (4/24/2011 2:27:09 PM)


endoskeleton? don't they mean exoskeleton? Is this a typo?
Posted By: Forgeling (8/26/2009 10:39:44 PM)


A case of 'did not do the research'.
Posted By: makochman (11/16/2009 5:21:24 AM)


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