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Me: And I'll sac three lands and swing with Torpid Molloch ftw
Opp: Wait, did you just win with Torpid Moloch? Wait, did you just activate Torpid Moloch's ability?
Posted By: pedrodyl (7/25/2011 6:04:28 PM)


If it helps you can think of it as an improved Cinder Wall.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (8/27/2010 9:46:19 PM)


A buddy for Harvest Wurm or Groundskeeper.
Posted By: keeds4 (12/13/2010 11:30:31 AM)


He'd go great in my defender deck.
Posted By: NeoKoda (6/28/2011 12:39:04 PM)


A real skill-tester. In Ravnica Limited, this was often a defensive Lightning Bolt that traded with a lot of things. Don't forget the second ability to go all out on offense, or to get lands in the graveyard for free.
Posted By: Equinox523 (7/20/2011 8:13:37 AM)


May be useful in a deck with Wakestone Gargoyle.
Posted By: nammertime (12/30/2009 8:02:04 AM)


In casual the second ability can help boost Knight of the Reliquary. Still, I would only use this for its defensive capabilities, to help stall against aggressive decks as I tend to play slower.
Posted By: sarroth (7/12/2010 2:02:03 PM)


Decent for a one-drop, can be used to fuel sacrifice abilities later on. Still not a spectacular card.
Posted By: Lege (9/28/2009 7:30:10 AM)


A 3/2 defender one drop can deal with any of your little creature problems. I guess people don't like it cause it is kind of an ugly lizard.
Posted By: hippoman23 (9/4/2009 7:12:43 PM)


A 1 drop that can easily pick off anything your opponent plays in the first few turns, and possibly even survive from a weaker attack. As people have said it's second ability should just be ignored for the most part. 4/5.
Posted By: BrutalJim (3/12/2010 7:17:08 PM)


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