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Use this card, proper and correct,
You get a permanent Redirect.
Posted By: Garfunculus (3/3/2011 5:02:04 PM)


Claymore J. Flapdoodle, my left nut. That's a Phil Foglio card, guaranteed.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (12/24/2009 8:00:21 PM)


I'd pay to see this card played well.
Posted By: psyklone (1/18/2010 3:39:01 PM)


Foglio draws some hot women for somebody with such a cartoony art style.

Granted, his biggest work is a porn comic...so.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (2/20/2011 8:49:27 PM)


exept you have to talk to use it's ability so no atinlya igpay and no goblin mime
Posted By: supershawn (3/20/2010 5:00:32 PM)


Hive Mind would go great with this.
Posted By: chesster415 (11/10/2010 1:07:08 PM)


It doesn't combo with Atinlay Igpay because you can't pay for the cost of this card's ability.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (1/13/2012 12:07:26 PM)


Of course, it doesn't say that you have to speak in any particular meter, just that the words have to rhyme. It doesn't even say that the sentences have to make sense; as long as you get the idea across and it ends with a word that rhymes with another word in the sentence, it would be legit with how the card's printed. I'm dead serious.

For example, I could rewrite the prior paragraph like this: "It doesn't say I have to speak in meter; it just needs rhyming words water heater. And as long as you know the effect I desire, the words don't even really have to make all that much sense car tire. That's what the rules say, don't look at me; I blame those lazy bums at R&D."

And it does have great synergy with Atinlay Igpay, since in Pig Latin, almost everything rhymes anyways (if you can speak it, that is).
Posted By: Lyoncet (2/27/2011 8:12:33 PM)


You could just not talk at all, so it combos with atinlay igpay
Posted By: Tommy9898 (3/12/2010 4:52:55 PM)


Put this card to the right of Free For All. You'll see the guy in green in both artworks.
Posted By: Bouchart (7/15/2013 3:52:43 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!