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The revamped reprint of one of my favorite creatures of all time. They definitely did her justice with her gorgeous new art and bad-ass flavor text. Popping this out of a pack is a joy no matter what kind of player you are.
Posted By: Treima (5/8/2009 8:35:37 AM)


BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK!!! And I was so glad to see that they had the same artist who did the card's original artwork do the artwork again for its reprint! Matthew D. Wilson is truly talented!

As far as the card's functionality and playability, it's a little overpriced, but worth it. Besides, by the time you are able to play Reya Dawnbringer, you will more than likely have a number of creature cards in your graveyard that are worth bringing back to the battlefield. It would be nice if her Power were at least 5, though.
Posted By: KnightLord77 (11/20/2009 7:10:11 AM)


xellent abiility beautiful art
Posted By: maxian (2/5/2009 11:11:32 AM)


Severely outclassed by Sheoldred, Whispering One now, although that is obviously black and this is white.
Posted By: Henrietta (7/15/2011 6:08:14 PM)


I only have one of these but I'm always relieve when I draw this. You're dead!
Posted By: darkhissatsu (3/1/2010 8:10:43 AM)


great ability, rediculus casting cost
Posted By: powerdude (4/1/2010 4:42:33 PM)


I love the artwork for both the reprint and the original (I have the Invasion version) and appreciate that Mr. Wilson did the reprint artwork as well.

I like to get this into play early through a simple Wild Mongrel or Tireless Tribe discard --> Breath of Life, and then keep discarding creatures through the Mongrel/Tribe, bringing them back through Reya. In a G/W angel/fatty deck, this can be very effective when it works out.
It's simple, but effective.
Posted By: Powerofone (2/24/2012 3:00:24 PM)


For nine mana I'd prefer to have Iona, Shield of Emeria or Blazing Archon. Both of those are also better if for whatever reason you're not planning on paying nine mana.
Posted By: RunedServitor (1/28/2012 3:41:31 PM)


The problem with Reya is that in a reanimation deck, it's always better to reanimate the kill card directly, rather than reanimating Reya and letting her resurrect your kill card a turn later.

I propose the following solutions to the problem:

Reya the Epic - {6}{W}{W}{W}
Creature- Angel - 4/6
Flying, Protection from CMC 2 and less
At the beginning of your upkeep, return ALL creatures from your graveyard to the battlefield.
If Reya would be put into a graveyard, exile Reya instead.

Reya the Titan - {6}{W}{W}{W}
Creature- Angel - 4/6
Flying, Indestructible
When Reya enters the battlefield or attacks, return target creature from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Reya the Renewer - {6}{W}{W}{W}
Creature- Angel - 4/6
Flying, Vigilance
When you cast Reya, destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated. Then return all creatures from all graveyards to the battlefield under your control.
All creatures you control are white. If a creature is placed into the graveyard... (see all)
Posted By: BegleOne (8/9/2011 10:12:27 PM)


Wow I never noticed she was Legendary.
Posted By: JFM2796 (8/23/2011 8:37:40 PM)


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