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They don't call it "Simic Meat Wagon" for nothing.
Posted By: Raeoran (5/9/2011 10:23:51 AM)


I've always been fond of enchanting it with primal cocoon for replenishable grafting. makes more of a difference then you would think.
Posted By: jsttu (5/11/2011 11:02:39 PM)


Thrummingbird or Inexorable Tide. Not a one-turn thing, but getting to power up every creature multiple times... nice.
Posted By: pdbdbomb (8/13/2011 8:40:44 PM)



this is for a graft deck. graft decks need +1/+1 counter generation - which, by the way, this does better then pretty much any other U/G creature - not +1/+1 static effects.

besides, anyone drops a Wrath, you're GRAFT! you're playing blue. there're counters like, oh, Mystic Snake and Voidslime. wrath shouldn't even be a concern once you're up past three mana.
Posted By: ziggefranz (5/14/2012 7:32:27 PM)


Amusingly, Snakeform can make this a 6/6 that can attack.
Posted By: Equinox523 (5/18/2009 2:12:38 PM)


Okay the funniest thing I ever did with this card was I equipped Surestrike Trident to it and wailed 5 damage to my opponent with it each turn.
Honestly, a really nice card, especially if you're running three of them at a time.
Posted By: typezeroserodin (1/25/2010 5:09:53 AM)


No, just use humility, Now he's a 6/6 in a world of 1/1s!
Posted By: Gabbalis (1/4/2012 9:25:54 AM)


I wouldn't put it randomly in a deck, for that it's not good enough.

But if you combo it with stuff it gets better. Examples:
- mirroweave, kills all creatures that have no +1/+1 counters. No matter if they have protection, regeneration, are indestructible or whatever
- creatures with persist. When they die and persist back to play, graft a +1/+1 counter on them to remove the -1/-1 counter
- experiment kraj
- or sometimes in team games

Posted By: majinara (3/5/2010 3:57:11 PM)


Not a bad card with the right combos, or just for some early boost. I like to use it with Cytoplast Manipulator, good way to get your opponents creatures.

@GrimjawxRULES it doesn't have defender so it doesn't work with Warmonger's Chariot. See the Oracle official ruling.
Posted By: Excaelezar (2/7/2012 9:08:11 PM)


This + Lignify = fun times.
Posted By: Dont (10/22/2009 3:15:13 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!