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This card was designed to work with the post sixth-edition, pre M10 rules... Other sacrifice cards lose a lot of power, but this one loses 99% of his power! Needs an errata!
The idea behind this card is great, so I give it 4/5, but now it should be 2.5/5...
Posted By: leomistico (10/9/2009 10:51:16 AM)


new rules....?

Posted By: metalevolence (6/21/2010 1:01:20 AM)


Poor guy, he used to be so classy, just like the flavor text implied. We will mourn your passing, Kill-Suit Cultist :(
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (5/6/2010 11:20:14 AM)


@DarthParallax: There's still the decision on whether to tap-out or keep mana up for counterspells. Which is why wizards likes to print draw spells as sorceries. And even when a player plays a spell, the blue player has to determine whether a spell is worth countering or if his/her opponent is holding out on their key spells for when they ARE tapped out.
Posted By: Kurraga (10/5/2011 4:14:29 PM)


Curse you M10!
Posted By: Keegan__ (7/29/2009 12:18:08 PM)


This guy had no comments pre-M10? That's...odd.

If I knew either the 6th Edition or the M10 rules relevant to this card, I might care more.

The funny thing about Blue is, you actually need to know a lot fewer rules. Priority? Ok, I counter that so I don't have to read it.

So much for being the 'smart' color.
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/17/2011 8:40:01 AM)


Still a far more useful crazed Goblin than Crazed Goblin itself, but i'm upset about the flaw this card got from the M10 rulings as well.
I really used to like that guy, but now since he isn't able to destroy his blocker anymore this card lost a lot of power...

Normally i don't complain about errata and rule changes, but some M10 rulings intended to simplify gameplay for beginners screwed up a lot of older cards.

What about that errata:
"Black: The next time damage would be dealt to target creature this turn, destroy that creature instead. If you activated this ability during the combat step, sacrifice ~ at end of combat. Otherwise, sacrifice ~."
This should be added to about any pre-M10 creature with an activated ability that requires saccing it, but it's possibly to confusing to be added to them. Dang, i simply wish Wizars returned to the old rulings.
Posted By: Mode (10/26/2009 4:44:04 PM)


The Magic 2010 rules were done to fix this overpowered card!
Posted By: Paolino (1/13/2012 3:24:24 AM)


Except he's still good with cards like Prodigal Pyromancer.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (3/26/2012 1:15:21 PM)


Wow, this thing is nearly useless now. Poor little maniacal psychopath...
Posted By: Totema (10/14/2012 10:44:35 AM)


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