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This is literally the worst card to pair with Doubling Season.
Posted By: Salient (2/13/2013 7:12:01 PM)


Interesting multiplayer connotations.
Posted By: Polychromatic (4/4/2011 5:03:20 PM)


Fate Transfer FTW
Posted By: DacenOctavio (11/26/2010 10:35:59 PM)


Vow of Wildness, in a multi-player game.
Posted By: sonorhC (9/30/2011 9:38:46 PM)


Combines greatly with Kulrath Knight:
Rather than enforcing your opponent's creatures, you'll decrease a growing number of blockers (and attackers) each turn :D
Unfortunately the knight has a casting cost of 5.
(And be careful not to negate the -1/-1 counters from the knight's wither ability with this guy's +1/+1 counters.)
Another good card for this guy is Forbidden Orchard, in case you need to make creatures for your opponent in order to pay its cumulative upkeep cost.
Posted By: Mode (8/5/2009 7:52:42 AM)


Works well with Cytoplast Manipulator as well.
Posted By: AlphaMoose225 (8/13/2009 11:41:22 AM)


Mmmmm Experiment Kraj....
Posted By: Morgrath (12/19/2009 10:01:34 AM)


Good ideas here, but there are still other cards that punish creatures for having counters on them: Razorfin Abolisher, Hunter Of Eyeblights, Cytoplast Manipulator, Kulrath Knight.. However, notice the anti-synergy between removing creatures from the other side of the board and the cumulative upkeep cost! :(

Another idea would be punishing enemy creatures for having a high power or toughness with cards like Crackdown, Meekstone, Intrepid Hero.. Maybe it's just my personal opinion, but I don't understand why many cards that depend on your opponent having creatures have such a high rating? Yeah, there's Forbidden Orchard and some other cards, but you have to draw it first.. If you're going first, casting this on the second turn without having to sacrifice it can be hard! :(
Posted By: cats_and_me (10/30/2010 3:56:59 AM)


@EvilCleavage: That wouldn't work very well. Cumulative upkeep is optional, all they'd have to do is not pay it during the first of their upkeeps after you donate it to them and "BOOM!", you're out a Sheltering Ancient AND a Pacifism. A better option would be to play Pacifism on one of their creatures and put the +1/+1 counters on that creature (since they can't attack or block with it until they're able to remove Pacifism).
Posted By: lukemol (4/11/2010 12:08:13 PM)


there is nothing wrong with using pacifism with this guy.
Posted By: Megrimage (2/19/2010 11:12:05 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!