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No one has mentioned that this is the guy summoned by Pact of the Titan?

4/4 red Giant creature that costs 4R. Pact of the Titan summons a 4/4 red Giant creature, and you have to pay 4R next upkeep or lose. The only thing that differentiates this guy from the Pact's token is the Nomad subtype...
Posted By: Magnor_Criol (1/31/2011 11:11:45 PM)


It DOES look like Ruhan!!!

Very neat :
Posted By: Nickajack (6/21/2011 4:29:01 PM)


I wonder why they didn't print this in M12 instead of making Bonebreaker Giant?
Posted By: Lavrant (10/24/2011 6:39:07 PM)


Decent card, RX X/X commons aren't bad (just aren't good either), and has some epic artwork.

Great for Pauper, less great for most anything else. I'd still use it though, too cool not to for someone like me.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/17/2012 8:59:40 AM)


Ruhan's little clan mate. Ruhan's cheaper (but more colour intensive) and 3/3 bigger...

With a drawback
Posted By: teamfireyleader (6/7/2011 2:49:21 PM)


Bonebreaker Giant is more generic. The Fomori are an Irish myth similar to the greek Titans. They printed Ruhan of the Fomori for commander because, like Future Sight, it was intended to span many planes. They could have plans for a set set on the Fomori's native plane, so there's no point in wasting one now.
Posted By: longwinded (1/29/2012 7:46:55 PM)


Lovely full art always makes vanillas better.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/8/2012 8:34:57 PM)


XR casting cost, X/X power/toughness. Yep, it's a giant.
Posted By: theDAYtheMUSICdied (8/24/2009 3:08:14 AM)


Looks great in the binder, not in a deck.
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (9/17/2010 10:32:30 PM)


Useful card or not, full-art vanillas should be a thing of the present.
Posted By: themlsna (1/15/2011 6:22:19 PM)