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Green for a 0/3 elf, early defence from 2/1 creatures and the like, takes a decent spell to get rid of not to mention, when the time comes, sac to boost an ally with +3/+3 oh and TRAMPLE
If you really want you can then Giant Growth your booster creature for that SUPRISE and take a healthy bite out of your opponents life total.
sign me up for 4.
Posted By: KMcombine (5/12/2010 7:47:30 AM)


Wall of Wood was totally screwed by Tinder Wall, here again.
Posted By: holgir (8/6/2009 3:53:25 AM)


This card is not underrated.

1. Wall of Wood is incredibly weak, there are many cards which are strictly better, this being one of them
2. Giant Growth is not powerful, it is playable but not powerful
3. Giant Growth relies on its instant speed to be useful, without it it cant save cratures from burn, be used defensively or as a combat trick

If is did not have the 'play this ability only during your upkeep' clause it would be good, or at least much better, however currently it is at best mediocre
Posted By: ddong (12/14/2011 4:27:06 AM)


Comparing wall of wood to anything is ridiculous because wall of wood is a ridiculously weak card.
Posted By: metalevolence (2/3/2011 12:04:22 AM)


Another card to compare this to is Seal of Strength.
Posted By: boneclub (2/27/2011 5:07:49 PM)


I think the trample compensates Giant Growths instant speed advantage, which might make this ability in some cases even more useful.
Posted By: Mode (8/16/2009 3:03:11 AM)


Well the trample effect comes in handy in many occasions, making this a very useful card for its cost. An 0/3 for Green, not bad, but Green for +3/+3 and trample, now that's a good deal.
Posted By: OD97 (12/7/2009 9:52:24 PM)


Hmm, the upkeep part just makes this so meh... opponent knows exactly what is going to happen, you can't sacrifice it and play the creature afterwards, if the second creature is on the battlefield opponent just removes targeted creature and you lose 2, and so on, and so on...

vs a good opponent, this card isn't really that good, but try it for yourself i guess...

3/5 for having nice hidden tech with morbid ;)
Posted By: Buderus (2/7/2012 7:31:36 AM)


The Giant Growth effect is good, but it lacks the element of surprise which decreases its overall effectiveness. I give it a 3/5.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/3/2009 11:31:28 PM)


This is really versatile. Oh if only it had flash it would be so broken, as it stands 4/5 at least, and should be in any aggresive green deck.
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (9/17/2010 10:36:39 PM)


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