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Shock was 'Meh', Lightning Bolt was insane, this Incinerate got it just right.
Posted By: boneclub (9/18/2010 11:08:48 AM)


Lightning Bolt is pretty much better. But the strange thing is... not strictly. Everyone will say so, but that's not true. It's kind of funny. The no regeneration thing can be very useful. You can Incinerate something with more than 3 toughness and a way to regenerate, then finish it off with another burn, and it still can't regenerate. Or just Incinerate that Drudge Skeletons to make way for your Ball Lightning.
Regardless, I'll just run 4 of each :)
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (5/9/2010 6:40:16 PM)


Yet again miss Jaya proves that her quoting abilities are neigh impossible to not love.
Posted By: infernox10 (3/26/2011 8:16:51 PM)


shouldnt feel unfair
green can counter it with Giant growth for 1 mana
black has terror for 2
White has pacifism for 2
blue used to have counterspell for 2

Just to show that a lot of old skool classics that we all like cost 2 :D
Posted By: Fordin (3/3/2010 9:02:25 AM)


I didn't have any Lightning Bolts when I started, so I used these instead. 3 damage can be pretty oppressive in the early game, although the anti-regen clause is less useful right now.
Posted By: DarthMohawk1 (6/16/2010 10:10:56 PM)


I am SO freaking happy that they're bringing this back in M12. It was promised that Lightning Bolt wouldn't be around in every core set, and Wizards stayed true to their word. The powercreep is on standby, for now.
Posted By: Selez (6/26/2011 6:51:37 PM)


remember, everything dealt damage by incinerate can't be regenerated that turn.

That means if someone attacks you with a 6/5 Lotleth Troll and you block it with a Goblin Piker and cast Incinerate on it before damage the troll still can't regenerate even though your piker killed it.

this printing gets 5/5 for the awesome Jaya Ballard quote. Why would they change it to Chandra in 2012 when Jaya is so much cooler? Do they want us to forget all the older and much more awesome Planeswalkers?
Posted By: El_Pared (1/2/2013 10:43:29 AM)


Incinerate is an awesome card; the only thing better is Lightning Bolt, and that has since been nerfed, spawning two proteges, the more expensive Incinerate and and the weakened Shock. A must have for any burn deck, as it's quite capable of taking out most basic creatures, as well as hitting a player for decent damage.
As for the JandS's comments, fair is fair in the game. Cards undergo rigorous testing in development to decide their fairness, and if a veteran card like Incinerate hasn't been nerfed yet, chances are, it's not overpowered, and it's free game to anyone.
Posted By: Oleander (3/2/2009 7:08:37 AM)


Man am I glad they decided to reprint this. Volcanic Hammer, YOU GOT SERVED!
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/13/2009 7:35:27 PM)


Tenth Edition was the best core set. Jaya Ballard flavor text, interesting legends, many interesting cards... too bad m10 and m11 had to come and ruin everything.
Posted By: Nagoragama (9/21/2010 5:28:40 PM)


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