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you're not whining about this card beating you. But you're still whining.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (8/20/2010 7:13:59 PM)


Why are people complaining about this being a hate card?

Red has an incredible amount of overpowered cards like Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Price of Progress etc. Decks purely containing such damage spells are even winning Legacy tournaments nowadays.
The last couple of years, it has been made soooo easy to play dual or even tripple color decks, that almost everybody splashed a bit of red in his/her deck just to use this damage spells.
Blue has it's Merfolks; the Wizards apparently decided that it MUST be the strongest tribal deck, otherwise they wouldn't have made 3 Merfolk Lords.
Black gets more and more turn one discard options plus looking at the opponent's hand, which makes discard decks certainly an alternative.

Green and white did not get such an overpowered 'characteristic' yet, so it is logical that the Wizards are designing cards like this: otherwise noone would play those colors anymore.
Posted By: Lord_Sauron (6/25/2012 8:07:41 AM)


But this slows down even Progenitus
Posted By: Qazior (12/1/2009 12:19:34 AM)


5 stars. This card is a white superstar, and has been key for keeping red decks in check in standard for the past 9 months. It survives Volcanic Fallout, Terminate, every red spell, and forces Blightning color players to play Terror instead of Terminate. It is that awesome.
Posted By: lolbrolol (5/10/2009 4:25:17 PM)


Prevents an opponent from casting Chain Reaction lightly.

I also enjoy the flavor of it. If a card is going to have the meta-gameish "protection from color x" thing going on, it should definitely have great flavor and suitable art. check
Posted By: Discoduck (9/3/2010 11:44:31 AM)



Because sacrificing this to prevent damage that Progenitus does does not directly target the creature, and therefore bypasses its' pro-white clause.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (12/28/2009 11:30:51 AM)


Epic fug.
Posted By: JWolps (9/2/2009 12:43:01 PM)


I find this card to not really be worth all the hype.
people will still play terminate because why terminate this card anyway?
goblin outlander beats this card hands down.
and it also wont stop the blightning discard.
its a case of:
'i blaze you for the win'
'nah i sac this and prevent it'
'ok, i play another shock for the win'
Posted By: Darklit_Gargoyle (5/25/2009 11:33:45 AM)


Sigh... I hate these anti color cards. it makes the game... so... Much... more irksome. Put simply, I don't want to play a game where I might not be able to win because my opponent structured a deck to eat my color.

At the very least, if someone wants to structure a deck to beat me, they shouldn't have a color coded cards to do it. If someone want's to beat me, I think they should have to work to do it.

and just to prove that I'm not whining that this card beat me: I never play red, blue is my color.
Posted By: Zoah (8/1/2010 6:44:12 PM)


One word: Infest.
Posted By: Kao_Unagi (8/20/2009 8:43:43 AM)