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Definitely costly, but with Mishra's Workshop and a three of these you could form the backbone of a decent deck.
Posted By: Mr_Hendry (3/7/2010 6:05:35 PM)


Maybe worth using in an Eldrazi deck alongside Eye of Ugin? Probably not though.
Posted By: achilleselbow (5/6/2010 9:14:21 PM)


As with the Mana Matrix, it's a nice effect, but a bit too costly at 6...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (12/4/2009 1:51:12 PM)


The value of cards like this greatly increased with the popularity of EDH.
Some completely unplayable cards became playable, and got a boost in value because of it ^^
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/26/2011 4:58:37 AM)


A bit too expensive, like Mana Matrix, but not a bad idea and useful for its time in casual games.
Posted By: Radagast (11/3/2011 1:28:54 PM)


See also Urza's Incubator.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (11/19/2010 5:54:24 PM)


Wow, a card from Legens that doesn't suck completely!
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (5/18/2010 2:12:12 PM)


I mean, the main reason a 6-cost artifact that lowers creature cost is that it doesn't in you the game.
For 6, you could play a wurmcoil engine, or this. I mean, it would mean Wurmcoil costs 4 now, but... you have to play 3 creatures for it to become worth it's weight.

Although, I'd much rather play it than Arcane Melee. It's not coloured and only you benefit. It does have a different use, so I guess I can't compare...

Oh, wait! I'd probably play this over Heartless Summoning. Similar reason, but I think the extra 4 is worth the -1/-1
Posted By: Ferlord (10/30/2012 1:17:08 PM)


Mishra's Workshop alone forms the backbone of a decent deck. This just takes up space
Posted By: GainsBanding (10/26/2010 12:08:44 AM)


decent, use Mishra if you have 2 or more
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (10/30/2009 3:25:16 PM)


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