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Yay! Everyone likes me!
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/8/2010 1:07:55 AM)


Enormous Baloth is 6Green which is easier to play in a multicolour deck. Its also still useful in limited. Enourmous Baloth was never that great for the cost, so this card is NOT an example of power creep (there are plenty of other cards that do that :p)
Posted By: CrimsonFury82 (10/23/2009 6:44:42 PM)


It's a Rootbreaker Wurm, only bigger.
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (3/22/2010 12:55:33 AM)


"Enormous Baloth was never that great for the cost..."
Don't tell that the poor Trained Orgg.
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (4/25/2010 1:52:48 PM)


The same think Duskdale did to Enormous Baloth has happened to Duskdale: change a single 1 mana to another G, and you get a much better creature in Pelakka Wurm.
Posted By: sarroth (5/4/2010 9:40:48 AM)


Straightforward, to the point, and balanced. A solid card, and a classic example of the archetypal wurm.
Posted By: Treima (5/8/2009 7:08:18 AM)


Try not to imagine your Doomgape eating your Duskdale Wurm.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/16/2009 8:21:51 AM)


what craw wurm should have been
7/7 for 7 and with trample...uncommon though
craw wurm should be 6/4 for 6 AND trample .....common
Posted By: OutlawD1 (9/7/2009 8:21:41 AM)


Don't get me wrong, I love Duskdale Wurm. But I don't like how cards are getting better and better as time passes. Now I can't really use Enormous Baloths if I have all these Duskdale Wurms to replace it. And I love Enormous Baloth!! It has sentimental value to me. Well, from a marketing standpoint, it makes sense that cards are getting better and better. If the new set has good cards, more people will buy it. Oh well...
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/10/2009 8:02:40 PM)


And now, this card is being rendered obsolete by Pelakka Wurm. Now the four that I have in my green deck are worthless. Great.
Posted By: Zulp (4/5/2010 7:23:51 PM)


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