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Preface: if you believe, like Schlock, that there is no such thing as "overkill", then skip this post.
I prefer Kyren Negotiations and even Bramblesnap over those other combos. These are easier to build synergistic decks around. If someone Terrors your 'Flayer, you are only down one half of your combo. And since you can play the negotiations first, there will be more mana available to mess with the Hateflayer when it no longer has summoning sickness.
Lets be reasonable: if you have a free tapping effect with a 'Flayer out, is your opponent really concerned with how potent it is?
The other cards are more powerful in a vacuum, but I will sacrifice a small amount of power for better synergy and tempo.
Posted By: kiseki (12/28/2010 3:51:44 PM)


Paradise Mantle + Training Grounds + This
Posted By: DeathDark (5/10/2010 1:29:48 PM)


Arcane Teachings is really the way to go. Sure, it's mana intensive. But the turn after you drop the flayer, you can drop teachings on it and use flayer's ability at least once (depending on the type of mana ramp you're doing). That's 7, minimum, directly to your opponent's face. Or, you could tap it for 1, Untap it for 7, then swing with it for either 7 more to the face, or -7/-7 to a creature or two of his. This guy can get extremely ugly, extremely fast. He's the main focus of my red elemental deck.

Also, Elemental Mastery + Phyrexian Altar on this guy makes for an easy win.
Posted By: endersblade (6/1/2011 10:12:26 AM)


Tappers, in order of awesomesauce:
Paradise Mantle
Splinter Twin
Elemental Mastery
Quicksilver Dagger
Viridian Longbow
Fire Whip
Power of Fire
Lavamancer's Skill
Banishing Knack

other awesomeness:
Lightning Greaves
Loxodon Warhammer
Basilisk Collar
Quietus Spike/Gorgon Flail
Grappling Hook

Training Grounds

now, im going to say Banishing Knack is the worst card on this list for our big cuddly ball of death here, because it doesnt directly involve a red win condition. sure it opens the door for unrelenting siege, but Hateflayer can use some help along the lines of defense or damage... (see all)
Posted By: darkfury (11/21/2010 11:28:20 AM)


Could see this with Banishing Knack.
Posted By: SoulsDescend (4/13/2010 12:17:27 AM)


The flavor text is pure epic.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (12/1/2009 9:50:17 PM)


Why give him such modest tap abilities? How about Elemental Mastery? This combo rocks so hard in casual. Combine with Primal Forcemage or In the Web of War and proceed to deal fuckloads of damage while Hateflayer takes care of anything nasty on the other side of the board.
Posted By: Exart (12/21/2009 11:15:08 AM)


How about Quicksilver Dagger
Posted By: EvilCleavage (6/1/2010 9:06:48 PM)


Or Hateflayer + Mountain + Overgrowth + Earthcraft
Posted By: non1337 (11/11/2011 4:02:37 AM)


This should be used with Power of Fire
Posted By: EnV (10/23/2009 6:21:23 PM)


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