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omg haha thats awesome
Posted By: Omenchild (12/30/2009 11:10:35 PM)


"and win instantly if you also have 2 progetietkjks out".
First thing, they're legendary.
Second thing, what does this card and plow under have to do with that? You screw them over anyway...
Posted By: channelblaze (6/22/2010 10:16:13 AM)


My friend took my Beacon of Tomorrows. I was a sad piggy.
Posted By: pigknight (1/8/2011 12:06:54 PM)


My casual B/U Rogue tribal deck contains no Doom Blades, nor removal of any kind. Why? I know SOMEONE will have some.
Posted By: RunedServitor (3/6/2012 11:36:56 AM)


In Commander, choose the richest player that's using a blue deck. They'll probably have a bribery in their deck, and you can check them for good creatures while you search for that sorcery.
Posted By: Chamale (3/25/2012 9:51:21 PM)


I prowled this turn three versus 5cc, courtesy of Frogtosser Banneret. It was glorious.
Posted By: Rainyday2012 (8/11/2009 2:45:28 PM)


combo with Eye of the storm
Posted By: AitrusX (2/5/2010 10:24:40 AM)


only good if prowled. would like to see if its playable vs 5cc. take that ultimatum!
Posted By: davidhuman (2/26/2009 11:48:33 AM)


So beast. Take a plow under and win instantly if you also have 2 progetietkjks out.
Posted By: inmypants22 (8/25/2009 6:27:08 PM)


The first thing I'd like to point out is that you are eliminating a specific card from your opponent's deck. It's a bit like Jester's Cap or Nevermore in that way- lots of decks, this can plain cripple if you take their big bomb win condition. That would be worth 3U without the prowl keyword, so in Rogue Tribal it's already just fine.

On TOP of that, you get to play the card yourself. That would be very nice indeed at 3U mana, though 5UU seems a bit much. It's worth it to splash a couple Rogues, just for that.

Oh. I don't have to even pay the mana cost? Yeah, I would definitely pay 7 mana for that. And I would do whatever I could to make sure I get to cast this, either by filling up on Rogues, or by finding some decent Mana Ramp.

This is an auto-include in Commander, and by extension that means all Blue Commander decks probably want to have at least one Rogue creature. Not a whole lot of them, because not All Blue Commander decks NEED to be Rogue Tribal (not by a long shot), but you... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/26/2012 8:28:32 AM)


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