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A reasonable answer to Darksteel colossus or other indestructible artifacts and enchantments.
Posted By: sir_dwar (2/18/2010 1:09:53 PM)


Personally, I like it more than naturalize since it beats indestructible artifacts (and indestructible enchantments?)
Posted By: channelblaze (6/19/2010 2:45:23 PM)


This is seeing GP play people! In extended, it's a great meta-call. Wurmcoil Engine (AKA "Best Titan In Extended") is very awkward to use a Naturalize on, but kicking it back into the deck is great! Also, drawing a Bitterblossom late-game in the aggro matchup (As most green-based decks are) is very suckish. Prismatic Omen also gets shut down. Sure, they can Wargate it back into play, but that could have happened with any other copy in there deck, plus this shuts down Sun Titan recursion.
Posted By: boneclub (1/23/2011 7:54:38 PM)


Reprint in Born of the Gods!
Posted By: doo2you (1/15/2014 9:35:53 PM)


nice to get rid off that annoying darksteel stuff
Posted By: GengilOrbios (7/31/2011 3:19:07 AM)


If someone in your EDH group has an Artifact Creature general...
Posted By: Gelzo (10/9/2011 5:20:38 PM)


You can eliminate Rancor with this. i also would rather not have a key card put in someone's graveyard, where it can be restored by many spells. This card can also be timed to ruin a "top of library" tutor. I prefer it to Naturalize.
Posted By: ThatStunna (1/23/2013 2:03:57 PM)


Blightsteel Colossus.
Posted By: Mark_Buehrle (1/29/2013 10:54:41 AM)


I like that it not only gets rid of indestructibles, but also prevents anything with graveyard effects like scavenge, flashback, persist, or from just being brought back to their hand. Searching a library for something is not as easy as plucking it from a graveyard these days.
Posted By: Hepatizon (9/23/2013 12:33:39 AM)


I see that two other people have beaten me to the punch. Oh well. Unravel the Æther is this card Theros-style.
Posted By: Continue (1/16/2014 6:22:45 AM)


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