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The only thing that's better than a Balefire Liege in the battlefield of Eventide is... the second one you play!
Posted By: nimzo (12/28/2009 2:12:14 PM)


It's Boros Recruit, but yeah.

Boros Recruit Red or White
Goblin Soldier
First Strike
When ~ enters the battlefield, it deals 3 damage to target player. You gain 3 life.

Pretty great.
Posted By: OmegaSerris (7/7/2011 1:41:45 PM)


this is the best red white creature card you could have basically
Posted By: redmagic123 (3/23/2010 3:04:31 PM)


The king of my deck. At least, he and his two brothers share that title. Having 2 out at a time is great, and 3 just makes things silly, but I also play Soul Foundry, which means I've played games where 4 and even a game where 5 of them were out on the field at the same time. Sadly, their ability isn't triggered when a token of one comes into play. However, a single lightning helix went ahead and dealt 18 damage and healed me 18, followed by a stampede of 5 10/12's, which brought my opponent down from 50 life to nothing in a heartbeat.

Great with Crown of Flames, and also is awesome with Skyknight Legionnaires. There's something undeniably satisfying of sending out a skyknight and dealing 7 damage and healing 3. It's even more awesome when you slap on a Scourge of the Nobilis on the Skyknight and end up dealing 12 damage and healing 12 in the same turn.

One more interesting thing- Scourge of the Nobilis is cool to place on a balefire, because the lifelink makes it so that every time ... (see all)
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (3/10/2010 5:43:32 PM)


I love the creature type and subtype. Spirit because it raises yours; Horror because it crushes your opponent. Balefire Liege has so much potential in casual play or extended play because of all the good burn spells you can use with him and all the good life gain spells too.
As bowlofgumo said, "His abilities are gifts that keep on givin'".
Posted By: Kami_Kira12485 (11/24/2010 5:20:43 AM)


Obviously a total powerhouse if you can keep him alive. This guy is so good at burning that he is justifiable in a mono-red.... and that is only half of his effect.

Difficult to see where he goes wrong at all, particularly since he can STACK. Having two or 3 of this guy on the field is a game winning scenario.

5/5, one of the easiest 5's to hand out ever.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/13/2010 11:21:22 AM)


My favorite of the 10 Liege's, turn every r/w spell into lightning helix!

The art is really cool, too.
Posted By: Guest1467942152 (11/14/2008 12:12:46 PM)


By far the best of the lieges. lightning helix on every spell. and it's got a solid body that doesn't die to burn. The only way he could've been better is if his burn could target creatures 2, but that would've been way overpowered.

(I also feel I am less biased than others because I have never played RW and most likely never will. Unless I pick up a couple of these that is)
Posted By: Gezus82 (11/29/2009 8:57:21 PM)


This card is sick. Despite the cmc of 5 and a power/toughness of only 2/4, it can be devastating for the opponent when all of your red/white spells become fractional Lightning Helix's.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/5/2009 5:12:19 PM)


Makes Goblin Recruits so playable its not really even funny anymore.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/14/2010 4:32:48 AM)


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