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if he'd move his arms you'd be able to read the "HULKAMANIA" written on his shirt.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/23/2010 9:32:36 PM)


"I gonna regenerate that creature from that smackdown! Brother!"
Posted By: NatalyNeeSama (7/23/2011 3:13:22 AM)


A decent card, comparable to its 3 CMC, 3-color cousins, however regeneration was easily available at this time, so a repeatable regenerator wasn't as valuable as a repeat Raise Dead or Fog...see Adun Oakenshield and Angus MacKenzie...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (12/4/2009 2:50:00 PM)


Skol Vikings ha. (MN Vikings' mascot is named Ragnar)
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (6/16/2011 3:53:12 PM)


The art and 3 cost ability totally reminds me of Joven... Coincidence? Probably.

Aside from that, i think this card would have been a lot more playable if the regenerate ability cost less...
It seems very over-costed as it is.
Ah, well, better than a lot of Legend's legends.


Posted By: Fert12334 (7/3/2011 6:52:06 PM)


wow. this is something that DOESN'T happen, like ever.

EVEN THOUGH it's surprisingly good for a Legend from Legends, it's STILL outclassed by fellow Arcades Sabboth-colored Angus Mackenzie. Also goes by the name of Tim the Enchanter.

But this guy is still actually good. Tim the Enchanter is OP compared to the rest of Legends set, lol.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/16/2011 12:57:43 PM)


This guy looks like he weighs 300 pounds, and yet only has a 2/2 body. Riven Turnbull is a scruffy-looking bureaucrat, yet can fight of an entire Balduvian Horde. Legends was a very random set.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (1/3/2012 6:58:55 PM)


"Oh, there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red
Who came riding to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead
And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade
As he told of bold battles and gold he had made

But then he went quiet, did Ragnar the Red
When he met the shield-maiden Matilda, who said;

"Oh, you talk and you lie and you drink all our mead
Now I think it's high time that you lie down and bleed!"

And so then came clashing and slashing of steel
As the brave lass Matilda charged in, full of zeal

And the braggart named Ragnar was boastful no more-
When his ugly red head rolled around on the floor!"
Posted By: pedrodyl (1/11/2013 1:37:20 PM)


Yeah, your "hardcore" "riff" just isn't quite metal enough for Ragnor.
Posted By: face-fister (9/12/2011 4:36:44 PM)


It's Hellga from American Gladiators.
Posted By: aznxknightz (10/16/2010 1:26:48 AM)