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Not a bad pinger- the unearth ability has won me games before.

More importantly, look at the artwork. It's a wizard using a magitech bionic arm to shoot lightning at a zombie. How is any of that not awesome?
Posted By: Studoku (3/23/2010 3:20:05 PM)


Well Prodigical Pyromancer can trade with a X/2 creature when blocking unlike the stinger, and that can be a pretty big deal, so not strictly better.
Posted By: ddong (8/28/2011 3:54:25 AM)


I wish he had flavor text so I could understand exactly who these interesting Vithians were.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/9/2011 12:14:28 AM)


I tend to dislike the use of "Strictly Better" on this site. Occasionally, yes, something is better in every way. However, people usually do it for stuff like this. Technically this is NOT strictly better than Prodigical Pyromancer because the power is less. It's a trade off but it should be looked at as such. Depending on how your deck functions you'll want to choose one over the other. It's not like one is inherently better than the other.

That all being said, I personally would consider this the better of the two. I would NEVER attack with Prodigical Pyromancer his power is equal to his ping, so I might as well ignore blockers and do the same damage. In special cases something like, "Counter target activated ability" come up, but in general that just hoses this card anyways so it's time to change plans. With this I get mostly the same stuff but the added ability to ping for 1 from the grave to catch my opponent off guard.
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (8/18/2010 2:27:57 PM)


I once was in a situation where I had brought my opponent down to 8 life but he had amassed an army and I was stuck with just this guy on the field. Thankfully, I drew into Predator Dragon, and he had no flyers. So, I pinged my opponent, devoured the stinger, swung with predator, and then unearthed the stinger for the perfect win.

It felt good.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (4/15/2011 7:06:30 PM)


The important difference between this and Pyromancer is that Pyromancer can block and shoot to take out 2-toughness attackers. Sure it's not much, but the extra 1 damage during combat can be highly relevant in the right circumstance.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/7/2011 12:08:12 AM)


Absolutely love the art. 0/1 isn't a drawback since you're not attacking with him anyways, and having unearth means that you can bring him back from the grave to really mess up somebody's day.
Posted By: Jannissary (2/7/2012 2:58:53 AM)


@TheWrathofShane: Only for a little bit, you dumb troll. Come up with a relevant comment for once in your life.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (9/21/2012 2:13:08 PM)


This is one of my favorite cards, since I got this and Quietus Spike pretty much at the same time, and I quickly realized their potential in my death deck.
Posted By: voltmaster (6/22/2009 4:56:59 PM)


Again, this is strictly better than Prodigal Sorceror, yet it is currently rated significantly less.
@Pantheon - voltmaster was likely referring to Quietus Spike's insta-kill pinging with deathtouch, not its halving life ability.
Posted By: reapersaurus (3/1/2010 11:25:33 AM)