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Canonist eats removal for breakfast. Then returns for supper with Sanctum Gargoyle.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (10/27/2009 4:07:15 PM)


This is such a rigged card. A 2/2 for 2, with an ability that shuts down your opponents? Ugh, I hate this card on principle.

I'd use it if I had it though. =_=
Posted By: Ritius (12/21/2009 2:32:39 PM)


how about playing a playset of this and howling mine, in a full artifact deck limiting your opponent to only play one card a time??? that would go good wouldnt it??
Posted By: hunter2gr (2/18/2010 5:39:52 PM)


My only question is this is a 3of or 4of in an artifact deck.
Posted By: PrimeSonic (2/2/2010 4:12:06 PM)


Tighten the lockdown with Erayo, Soratami Ascendant fliped into Erayo's Essence.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/19/2010 4:22:24 AM)


Hey there Ethersworn Canonist. Are you ready for a casual Combo? Great! Knowledge Pool. How do you combo, you ask? Well you see, if they cast a non-artifact spell, it gets exiled by the Knowledge Pool, and they get to cast a spell inside the Knowledge Pool instead! Ohh wait, they are only allowed to play one spell? Thats a shame.. looks like nothing happened. Next turn, play an overpowered artifact like Darksteel Relic to grab their non-artifact spell!

Obviously, this goes from "complete lockdown" to "Ill take your good artifacts while you get my cheap sucky ones" if you meet an artifact deck.
Posted By: Sleazebag (5/19/2011 10:26:00 AM)


10/1/2008: In other words: Each turn, each player can cast any number of artifact spells plus a maximum of one nonartifact spell.
10/1/2008: This effect counts all nonartifact spells that are cast, even those that are countered.

please diachronos do not post things that you "heard" since they can be completely incorrect and confusing such as in this case.
Posted By: givethepeopleair (3/27/2010 11:32:52 PM)


Very restrictive indeed. This is really for the Blue White Control. It shuts down those quick decks. Plus add Meddling Mage in the equation, you have already made a strong combo stopper deck.
Posted By: jumpenrun (6/15/2010 10:02:49 AM)


now, people mentioning the card, erayo, soratami ascendant.... notice the similarities in the art? looks like someone had a little rebirth.
Posted By: FrostedFlask (10/12/2010 5:37:46 AM)


"Cascade" is worded "you MAY CAST it without paying its mana cost". Ethersworn Canonist counts all spells cast from all zones, whether it be your hand, exile, or your graveyard. Cascade, however, only goes into effect "when you cast spell ". Therefore, If the Cascading spell was a non-artifact spell, and the would-be spell you cascaded into was also non-artifact, you could not play the latter. Ethersworn Canonist counts spells that were CAST, not ones that resolve, so because you had already cast the cascading spell, you could not cast the one that was cascaded into.
Posted By: Jrvis (2/3/2011 9:24:50 AM)