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I like it for two reasons. One, I can save my own creature and get a card. Or, I can get rid of an opponents creature and then slap him with a discard two card, and send them away; which is hard late in the game when most hands are thin and discard becomes practically useless.
Posted By: EtotheK (1/19/2010 11:49:19 PM)


How do you pay 2 to bring back a just sacrificed Augur of Skulls
Posted By: DarthKithkin (11/4/2009 1:16:18 AM)


i use this in my ninja deck. i either return a ninja to my hand and draw a card, or i remove an oppoenents creature then slap him with okiba-gang shinobi. throw in ink-eyes, servant of oni to then steal that creature.
Posted By: theoneandonlyjoseph (5/18/2012 6:14:02 AM)


combo with howling mine and runeflare trap for profit!
Posted By: RaLuna (2/11/2010 9:52:16 AM)


This would have been such a great constructed bounce if it would cost {{U}} only.

Well, it's mainly a cantrip bounce indended to save your creatures and/or trigger their cip/"enter the battlefield"-effect once more.
And in some cases, you can of course still bounce your opponent's creature if that's more useful despite the card advantage s/he gets.

I think this card is currently underrated by several players which did not recognize what this card is for, though.
Posted By: Mode (8/7/2009 10:16:36 AM)


Still a little miffed I can't save a creature from death by combat.

Soldier: "Master Jace, I have returned from battle. I have slain an enemy, but I fear I will succomb to my wounds. Please, sir, return me to my plane so that my kinfolk can save me!"
Jace: "I'm afraid I can't do that, minion."
Soldier: "Please sir, show mercy!"
Jace: "The combat can't stack, I'm afraid. So, no."
Soldier: "I'm dying, sir! The pain!"
Nantuko Husk: "Grraak?"
Jace: "No, you can't have him either. Now hush. You're a vampire now."
Vampire Aristocrat: "What the?!"
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (4/14/2010 10:23:17 AM)


this card is not Good in the conventional sense that its worse than Unsummon and Ponder both, but it is an interresting card because it can be either card draw or bounce, and a little more. In conjunction with Azorius AEthermage or Underworld Dreams this card can do some things that the aformentioned spells couldnt. This card has its home, but that dosnt make it good, just interresting.
Posted By: Shoe2 (11/14/2008 1:21:34 PM)


People are missing the purpose of this card, it should have a higher rating. I'm not saying it's a top-notch card, but it's definitely not crap. In my EDH deck it's always useful.
Posted By: Rainyday2012 (8/25/2009 1:32:03 PM)


it is a good card simply because it helps you out too.

i would make a casual fun deck with:
warped devotion, underworld dreams, megrim, and recoil. I would also add snap, and a bunch of other unsummon, boomerang type things...

fun multi player stuff.

also cant forget the combo with sway of illusion + wash out to go with the warped devotion and megrim.
Posted By: Megrimage (9/22/2009 12:13:18 PM)


Definitely underrated, you can spam abilities that trigger when a creature hits the board and draw additional cards at the same time. You certainly could build around this card and unsummon and rescue, though it requires a good combo to be effective.
Posted By: Lege (9/28/2009 10:51:34 AM)


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