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Use ranger of eos to search your deck for behemoth herald, and one other card thats a red, and you can put godsire immediately into play around turn 4ish. For example, ranger of eos, + behemoth's herald, + goblin bushwacker, and 3 mana to tap behemoth herald = godsire. If you have 4 mana to spend you can also use the bushwacker to give godsire haste.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/15/2009 11:38:11 PM)


Nice art...
Posted By: themlsna (6/5/2010 11:57:26 PM)


Hey! Hey guys!
Combos with Godsire.
Posted By: divine_exodus (1/27/2011 3:09:23 PM)


i don`t see how Godspire sucks :P
Posted By: Iiory (8/29/2009 12:31:03 AM)


See my rating of Angel's Herald, only worse because Godsire sucks.
Posted By: Shoe2 (11/14/2008 12:48:32 PM)


@Iiory - agreed

i love Godsire, he is just brutal
Posted By: vomitron6000 (7/1/2010 4:25:30 AM)



Because 8/8 beast tokens every turn on turn 5 and on is worse than a viashino skeleton?

Seriously dude you are retarded. Godsire is easy to remove by black, blue, and white, but god damn it! It gives you the biggest board advantage you could ask for! If you can't when with a Godsire over 20 turns, you horribly suck.
Posted By: VoidedNote (8/28/2010 11:32:39 AM)


Lol, why did these need the mana cost to activate? As if being down 2 cards and putting all your eggs in one basket wasn't bad enough.
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (2/5/2011 6:38:03 PM)


They need to take the activation cost out. Your in white//green so play with stuff like Ranger's Guile, and Stave Off. If you can pull it off on turn 4, and have an anti removal ready, you will most likely win the game.

Sad part is, it does not even give you the option of searching your graveyard//hand like Dark Supplicant did. This is a huge factor along with the activation costs, forcing you to put at least 2 Godsire's in your deck and crossing your fingers you dont draw them or get milled.

Nothing wrong with the idea, they just went overboard trying to balance it. It can still win you some games as is, but the drawbacks will cost you some games that you would otherwise have won.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/12/2012 10:13:04 PM)


'Godsire sucks'... thats one of the funnier things I've read on here today.
Apparently hes never had the joy of fielding one on second turn...
Posted By: MICKEY.KNOX (4/5/2013 5:17:44 PM)