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This guy is Timmy's pet kitten.
Posted By: Artan (2/27/2011 7:00:25 PM)


Harvest Wurm leiks thes
Posted By: JoshMagic (5/25/2011 9:23:47 AM)


Seems more like a black theme (sacrifice for great power), but with all of the green mana ramp, losing one land can be of little consequence. And, of course, shroud on a 3/2 for 1 green mana is a great package, and green is lucky to have this kitty at its disposal. Early on, losing that land can hurt, though. 4/5
Posted By: d-101 (12/11/2010 5:05:41 PM)


I'm suprised this guy didn't get more love, after the calamity that Jackal Pup caused.

I'm tempted to make a deck from these, similar to one I saw using Neurok Commando, and Aether Adept. Basically this works super well in a deck with a ton of field control. Where your opponent can't do anything creature wise, and must just take 3 damage a turn.
Posted By: SeiberTross (4/17/2011 2:26:30 AM)


in a planned out aggro deck, this lil kitteh with shroud can get some nice beats in against aggro :)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (1/1/2011 11:27:30 PM)


Sickkkk card and a fair trade to play it i thinks :D
Posted By: RawwrrRz (4/9/2011 1:56:07 AM)


incredibly awesome art and decent stats. i just wish that i had more of them
Posted By: Ninjazilla (5/23/2011 5:27:47 PM)


Actually, the problem is the shroud: can't Giant Growth it on the second turn like Rogue Elephant. Against another green ramp deck it's a bit of an issue, but usually I have pleanty of ramp against other colors.
Posted By: dougpy (5/26/2011 3:21:43 PM)


Shroud is a blessing and a curse, and this card exemplifies Green's slice of it perfectly. Sure, this is a 3/2 one drop that will tear through a control deck and, overall, simply beats face with the best of them. But here's where the drawback kicks in: Green tends to take its weenies and ramp them up, and they can't do that with our kitty here short of global ramp (Overrun with a few of these out would be devastating). With green's inability to pump, this card simply doesn't scale like green's others do, and that's what makes it so well designed. Had it just been a 3/2 for Green, it arguably would have been more powerful due to how easy it would be to support it, but as is, the Shroud acts as a dampener to prevent any crazy combos from sprouting up using it.

I've got to hand it to 'em. Sometimes, those guys out in R&D make some stand out and truly brilliant cards, when they aren't printing *** vanilla commons or stupidly powerful mythics.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (10/30/2012 9:29:41 PM)


@ cadenblade

as far as I know, you can only sacrifice something for one purpose. So you would be able to sac a terramorphic expanse to search for a basic land, or sac it to satisfy Scythe Tiger, not both.
Posted By: alblast (9/14/2010 10:35:05 AM)


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