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I love this card for the flavor. It feels like finding that tiny flaw in your opponent's plan and shooting it open. Very satisfying to utilize this.
Posted By: Evermint (9/16/2010 11:45:46 PM)


Very useful for de-accelerating green, calming down early red, and staying in an opponents mind... Are you scared of my left over blue?
Posted By: Mprime818 (10/25/2010 3:04:32 PM)


I much prefer it in the sideboard for legacy... Vintage is an entirely different story.
Posted By: UNHINGEDMAN (8/25/2011 9:30:16 PM)


With all the new Zeniths, this will sure see more play.
Posted By: LesPaul_987 (2/21/2011 7:35:44 AM)


You don't even have to play this card for it to be useful. If your opponent knows you have it, it will slow down his game for a turn or two as he'll feel compelled to keep mana open in expectation of it. Also, you could write a book about a first turn counterspell. Great card overall, 4/5
Posted By: Laguz (10/26/2009 1:35:22 AM)


I love seeing the pre-Jace comments on Wizard's blue hate.
Posted By: BastianQoU (5/29/2011 11:51:22 PM)


Very good counter. It can completely ruin nearly any strategy, and swing games in your favor.
Posted By: Designer_Genes (10/3/2009 10:18:32 AM)


Good for shutting down lightning bolts early on, and later on the game, it can stop combos by screwing up your opponents supply of mana.
Posted By: sir_dwar (9/26/2009 7:18:57 PM)


I used this on my opponent's Dark Ritual. :)
Posted By: Sandro95 (10/9/2011 2:53:09 AM)


So, this is like the baby of Force Spike and Negate, isn't it?
Posted By: CrazyLou (8/21/2010 11:20:06 PM)