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Agreed, {R} would have been better, and Pyroclasm is -- in general -- more useful. Although I'm sure there's instances when an instant doing damage to each creature would be nice.

Posted By: VirtueVsVice (10/8/2009 8:34:21 PM)


Screws the person who is dumb enough to turn his lands into 1/1 creatures against a red deck.
Posted By: Deathtamoor (8/11/2010 5:26:13 PM)


If you want to all in someone with an aggro deck, and they have a bunch of tokens to block you, you could catch them really offguard by playing this.
Posted By: Mikolash (11/9/2009 2:54:16 PM)


Also it's a great caard when used in response to say something like Oran-Reif, or before they pump a bunch of x/1 weenies. This is a 'reactive' spell, thus it being an instant. Making it cost Red would actually break it abit more for permission decks. Pyroclasm > opponent responding with Brave the Elements > you responding with a 1cc Seismic Shudder... It's a reactive spell, that's all.
Posted By: RyanFisher (11/21/2009 9:25:45 PM)


This plus a Levitation equivalent = interesting combo. Similar to the way Tanglesap works, in that at first it seems limited compared to an equivalent card, but the limitation can actually make it more useful than Pyroclasm in certain situations. I would have preferred 2 damage instead.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (2/26/2010 5:56:35 PM)


Tremor at instant speed...intereseting.
But keeping the mana cost of Red wouldn't have been gamebreaking either, at least since it still won't hit flying creatures :/
I'll much rather play Pyroclasm instead most of the time.
Posted By: Mode (9/26/2009 7:50:24 AM)


Simple, common, early-game red burn. It does well at dealing with annoying 1/1 Elf and Soldier tokens.
Posted By: SoulShatterer (6/28/2010 11:47:58 AM)


This card is very useful in MTG online Pauper format. Disrupts storm decks such as Empty the Warrens. LOL. Goodbye 1/1 tokens...haha. Btw, it is instant speed. LOL
Posted By: edwardhenry (1/31/2011 11:57:32 PM)


Sucks. But compared to Tremor at least it is an instant.
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/9/2010 12:20:48 AM)


My initial reaction was "Meh. An Earthquake for 1." The comments made me realize it was an instant. I like it better now.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (1/27/2013 9:25:13 AM)


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