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i really like this card because it stalls the game strategy of the other player. psychologically depriving them
Posted By: ninetailedfox (4/24/2009 8:52:50 AM)


Usually nothing special in the dreaded Alara limited. Most of the time I don't pick this and if picked, leave it in the sideboard. I played in a very aggresive naya deck recently (I built that one purposefully as aggresive as it could be from the drafted cards - for instance I didn't play a comes-into-play-tapped tripple land and gave up on some minor effects of one or two cards to gain more speed) and still would probably include it in such a deck again instead of Resounding Silence for instance (which was the case). Unfortunately I drew it only in the "win more" situations when playing with that deck, so I can't really comment on its power in such a deck - if that is not already a comment:)). In short: nothing to get excited about.
Posted By: Angerr (3/21/2009 5:55:14 AM)


just fun to do with a cathartic adept out
Posted By: machtung7 (4/6/2009 9:35:43 AM)


Great against mind controls
Posted By: Mumba (10/11/2009 4:05:59 PM)


It's not card advantage, but it's a delay tactic or a finishing blow by removing a blocker. It's useful in various ways at pretty much any point in the game. It's sub-average, but solid. I might play it in limited if I was too low on removal or was playing an extremely slow deck.
Posted By: rubber (12/25/2009 7:35:49 PM)


This is tempo gain not card advantage.
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (5/21/2011 7:06:34 PM)


It's not really card advantage but it is neutral (unlike Unsummon and friends which lose you advantage).

It prevents the player from drawing his next card. It's like "Return target creature to it's owner's hand. That player skips his next draw step." (And if you really want to get technical, "If that player would draw a card before then, skip that instead.)

So like others have said, it is more of a tempo hit and pseudo-removal than true card advantage. Then again, you might luck out and hit something they used temporary mana-excel (Pyrrhic Ritual, etc) or they cheated out so it becomes a dead card.
Posted By: OmegaSerris (7/1/2011 11:59:29 AM)


Hmmm... does this result in some form of card advantage? DEBATE!
Posted By: Asinine-Ultimatum (5/23/2009 5:36:35 PM)


>>> Hmmm... does this result in some form of card advantage? DEBATE! <<<

Typically, no. But compared to other bounce spells like boomerang, it grants card advantage.
Posted By: Cheza (6/5/2011 11:50:47 AM)


This grants horribly, disgustingly massive card advantage: Enters the Battlefield effects/Leaves the Battlefield effects.

Oh sure, it might not come up but once in a blue moon.....

then you find yourself sitting across from someone who actually reads the Mothership, and built themselves a Blink Deck, (Venser and pals) and you're wondering why in hell does Wizards allow such fantastic synergy to all get printed.

And the answer is 'not in the same Standard rotation, derp' so it goes under the radar of everyone except the people specifically looking to break even the Chimney Imps and Storm Crows (which, by the way, really ARE quite broken.)
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/2/2011 7:40:11 AM)


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