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Mediocre? You can have it out generating tokens on turn 1! Awesome in a fungus deck.
Posted By: Sironos (5/27/2010 12:22:37 PM)


i can see this making a comeback now that proliferate has shown it's face
Posted By: Wormfang (1/29/2011 2:51:38 PM)


This is a great card. get him out there after you get a few mana down and beef him up just a bit or maybee a regen enchantment. it works really well in my EDH deck with Thelon of Havenwood as the commander because nothing says you have to take the spore counters off of him.
Posted By: fjoajoe (7/28/2011 10:55:06 PM)


Fun with fungus! Thus began the out-of-control growth of the saprolings.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/4/2012 8:55:14 AM)


@SPhoenix: No, it's been errata'd.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/5/2011 10:32:32 PM)


So classic. And yet rather medocre. Stick with a tougher thallid.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/15/2010 4:13:35 PM)


So you can remove 3 spore counters even if it doesnt has enough counters?
Posted By: SPhoenix (7/5/2010 12:19:18 PM)


Utopia Mycon is usually much, much better, but for that 1 power.
Posted By: djflo (6/15/2011 8:53:59 AM)


It produces tokens too slowly, despite its low casting cost. But it's a fun card, and was one of the few legitimately interesting new concepts in Fallen Empires.
Posted By: Aquillion (3/23/2013 1:05:45 PM)


I like how they went for the weirdest and creepiest artwork for Masters Edition.
I'm using the superlative here because all of Fallen Empires' Thrallid artworks are weird and creepy.
Except for the second one. That's just weird.
Posted By: Mode (6/11/2013 3:57:59 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!