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The flavor text is very appropriate. I wish Wizards would use more flavor text from classical literature and history. Just because the Magic universe is fictional does not mean it shouldn't have some connection with our world.
Posted By: ClowWizardEriol (11/10/2009 5:09:28 AM)


I think this is a very well designed sleek card and the only thing holding it back is its mana cost. I get that it's inappropriate for the game as is, but if you make it cost 6 or more you can have it be possible to build a deck that has the POTENTIAL to do kinda-this in Standard, but it will be difficult enough to make work that it won't be a dominant or oppressive force on the format. Take a look at Temporal Mastery's current impact on Standard:

Hey! Look! The World didn't End!

So obviously very very powerful cards can get made and not ruin MAGIC. I say they should try to make another card that says "Destroy All Lands" and see how that works out for them! :)
Posted By: DarthParallax (12/20/2012 9:30:37 PM)


It wasn't released only in China. Besides Japan, it was also released in Australia and New Zealand, hence the existence of English versions.

This card is surprisingly valuable given that Armageddon is the same. Does anyone really need more than four copies of Armageddon?
Posted By: Chrysologus (7/23/2010 7:01:39 AM)


When four Armageddon just isn't enough.
Posted By: mrredhatter (3/2/2010 9:23:13 AM)


One reason it costs so much more because it's so much more rare, so many less were printed. It's like comparing 2 cards that are even identical: take an Alpha Nightmare vs one from 10th Edition, the Alpha vesion is $75 while the 10th version is $1! (current prices on starcitygames)
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (4/12/2011 7:42:44 PM)


Ahhh so that's what all means.
Posted By: Nagoragama (6/18/2011 7:03:42 PM)


Does this destroy my lands, too, or just my opponent's?
Posted By: NinjaJeff (7/28/2010 1:17:16 AM)


Posted By: TheFrostReaper (5/2/2009 4:49:27 PM)


I wouldn't mind at all having this reprinted instead of 'geddon. It takes away any biblical reference, which was they have been doing recently, and it is incredibly flavorful, a natural fit for white. It shows how fanatic white is so it can readily destroy the whole world if it means the victory at war. Exactly where white differs from green, given that they tend to be similar.
Posted By: javert (9/18/2009 7:27:06 PM)


Remember guys: "This includes your lands!"
Posted By: Gabriel422 (12/23/2010 9:10:06 PM)