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I really like this card. The fact that it's an instant makes it possible to hit a counterspell (though Grixis colors aren't so popular lately) makes it awesome. Also, an EOT removal spell that can get you a guy is a two-creature swing for 5 mana.
Posted By: Synt4x (4/28/2009 6:47:53 PM)


I love cascade...it's like a not broken version of affinity, allowing you to play spells into more spells. This one is especially good, as it's an instant and can cascade into many other spells that you would be playing in a RB deck...eg, thought hemorrhage, removal spells, hypnotic specter, nyxathid, abyssal persecutor, blightning, etc.
Posted By: spectermonger (3/25/2010 1:01:03 PM)



Cascade does trigger (and resolve) before the original spell resolves, so you could target your own Bituminous Blast and copy it if you happened to cascade into Wild Ricochet. However, you can't get a "re-cascade" off of the copied Blast -- Wild Ricochet does not PLAY the copied spell, it just creates a new copy on the stack, so no Cascade will trigger.
Posted By: VrtraTheory (7/7/2009 9:25:50 PM)


I really like the cascade mechanic, and this is certainly one of the more powerful cascade cards in terms of it's actual effect with cascade aside. I mean, an instant 4 damage to a creatre for 3r or even 2br wouldn't be unheard of, and fore one more CMC you get the cascade. Great card. God cascade is fun, except when you hit a one-drop.
Posted By: asmallcat (6/18/2009 10:21:19 AM)


I like the way this card plays out. I also like that Wizards is starting to print larger amounts of burn on cards to hit creatures, like Fiery Fall before this card. Not very black but in an all-gold set why not.
Posted By: Zeranox (6/8/2009 2:05:15 PM)


Should see a resurgence in popularity now that Wall of Omens is almost always available to blast. Check the synergy with Surreal Memoir, too.
Posted By: jstorrie (5/7/2010 2:38:52 AM)


It's partly the 4 damage, but it's mostly the cascade. A lot of awesome cards can be cascaded that have a converted cost of 4 or less. Necroskitter, perhaps.
Posted By: own-dizzle (7/13/2009 3:40:23 PM)


I see a lot of sick combos with this card and cards like Terminate, Maelstrom Pulse, and Lash Out.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/6/2009 7:50:49 PM)


Ok guys would cascading into Wild Ricochet work the way I'm thinking it would?
Posted By: Significant-Backlash (6/15/2009 5:22:12 PM)


What you don't see in the art is, thats a Daemon vomiting on the angel.
3.5/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (2/9/2013 10:42:33 AM)


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