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During your opponent's turn:

"Oh I forgot what card is on top of my deck, let me check again" <- rinse and repeat :)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (11/1/2010 12:09:59 AM)


I used to think that Zephid was pretty good...
Posted By: brunsbr103 (2/20/2010 8:55:13 PM)


Core set plz.
Posted By: Nagoragama (11/6/2010 12:24:53 PM)


Some people say that a precon rare is a synonym to a bad rare.

Jwar Jwar Sphinx laughs in their faces.

@ ThisisSakon: The ability never goes on the stack, as it is a static ability. Looking at the top card of your deck is just like looking at your hand.
Posted By: Axelle (4/29/2011 9:35:48 PM)


One of the best cards in Zendikar, arguably, and a very "Blue" kind of card. His extra ability works perfectly with Djinn of Wishes (I suspect one of them was literally made for the other). Shroud is definitely nice too, since he would otherwise get Pathed or Doombladed or something as soon as he hit the table.
Posted By: SocialExperiment (10/16/2009 1:43:32 PM)


cynderblock404, of course it's affected by deathtouch, which incidentally is one of the best ways to kill Empyrial Archangel, which also has shroud. It's rather clever as even if the angel doesn't block the deathtouch guy, the damage is still redirected to it and kills it.

Other ways to kill the sphinx: Fleshbag Marauder, Cruel Ultimatum
Posted By: Zarcron (11/16/2009 11:29:44 AM)


Hey, he's not Baneslayer Angel (We'd have to remove 1 CMC *chuckles*), however what can you do? He's someone that forces you to change your deck for the metagame, and will make it that much harder to have an overpowered deck in tournaments.
Posted By: Kweane (2/22/2010 8:35:38 AM)


Unbelievably good. I'm surprised Wizards actually printed a blue creature this powerful.
6 mana for a 5/5 flying body is already a good deal. The mini-Future Sight is a cute little boon and it feels really blue, letting you plan ahead to some extent.
But it's the addition of one simple keyword - Shroud - that makes this guy so damn amazing. Your opponent's hand will get clogged with great removal spells he won't even be able to cast. Overall, I think he's the best blue creature available in Standard right now (although Sphinx of Lost Truths comes very close). If you're playing blue control, your deck should definitely pack a few copies of this monster.
Thank you for this card, Wizards!
Posted By: True_Mumin (10/29/2009 7:52:30 PM)


A good targ... er, candidate for Clone.
Posted By: mike_stubbs1 (6/4/2011 10:20:35 AM)


The only thing Morphling had, was the stackable damage and the ability to untap itself.

THis costing 1 more isn't big to the ppl who will play it; I say he is a budget finisher.

In general, good upgrade to Mahamoti Djinn.. its best use would be in casual blue with Djinn of Wishes, IMO.
Posted By: Knuckles29 (9/29/2009 10:28:30 PM)


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