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This may be the easiest card ever to overlook the fact that its a 6/3 intimidate for 5. Talk about an ability to end games quickly. The whole angel death deal is just icing on the cake. This actually can end games FASTER than Baneslayer Angel for everyone complaining about the lack of killing that card.

For reference there has NEVER been a creature with intimidate/fear with that much power printed for such a low cost. Dust Elemental was, but you had to return 3 creatures to play it.
Posted By: SeiberTross (5/21/2011 1:46:17 PM)


@TheWrathofShane: Not sure if serious or trolling. Kaalia isn't an angel.
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (12/2/2012 8:33:38 PM)


Magic planning guys: Let's make an answer to Baneslayer!
Designer: I just did!
Play tester: Wait a minute...
Posted By: CatsAreCthala (2/21/2010 9:34:17 PM)


If your opponent has no black or artifact creatures, a 6/3 with intimidate for 5 CMC is pretty good, so just ignore that angelkiller ability.
Love the art, kinda looks like a differently coloured Diablo.
He should have been in divine vs. demonic, would've made a lot of sense.
Posted By: Sironos (5/24/2010 5:14:33 AM)


WHY can't this thing take out BSA. That's not that much to ask, is it. But no, it just sorta sits there and gets lightning bolted...
Posted By: channelblaze (8/31/2010 9:22:56 PM)


Muhaha!! I shall destroy your Baneslayer Angel!!
...or not.
Posted By: kanguilla (7/2/2010 5:01:39 PM)


Anyone notice how the rulings think this card is red?
In theory you can use this to force your opponent to not block despite having a black creature.
Whatever you can convince a judge of is legal, even if it isn't. Lost a match by being out argued before.
Posted By: psyklone (5/10/2010 1:00:42 AM)


This card will take out an angel created from Luminarch Ascension and Sigil of the Empty Throne just as easily as it will take out a Serra Angel. I think it is a solid creature with an interesting ability.
Posted By: Pantheon (9/26/2009 8:30:19 AM)


If more angels actually had halos, his name would make more sense.
Admonition, Lightkeeper, and Shepherd of the Lost are the only angels I've seen with anything remotely halo-like. It's a shame, too. I wish more angels were depicted with halos.

He may not be able to kill Baneslayer, but he can kill just about every other angel, and angels are dangerous.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (7/19/2010 4:41:19 PM)


Silly demon, it's available at your local Gamestop!
Posted By: ZeroSheep (4/26/2011 9:38:13 PM)


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