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It's odd how strategic professional players are, yet you would never see this card in a pro deck. For 1 mana, this provides an amazing informational advantage over an opponent. Then again, this would probably replace ponder in a blue control deck. Ponder helps set up your own turns and cantrips. These are immediate rewards.

I feel like pro players always want to see an immediate reward. Probably for good reason. Still, I'd like to see this in a pro control deck.
Posted By: Nickkom (2/8/2010 8:34:58 PM)


This card is bad at high levels of play because experienced players can guess what's in their opponent's hand anyway, and control decks will know when to counter something and when not to. For example, if your opponent is running monored, you're going to expect something like goblin guide -> hellspark elemental -> ball lightning. Your opponent revealing his hand and showing 4 mountains + those three cards didn't tell you anything your intuition already told you.

Remember, this doesn't actually stop the opponent from casting spells, or discard cards, or anything, and in the meantime you're giving up card advantage and tempo to gain knowledge that either won't help you or tell you stuff you already know. You don't even need this with meddling mage/thought hemorrhage, since you should already know what to name even without looking at your opponent's hand.

However, at lower levels of play (which I will admit I'm at, I'm no pro), this is great, because players like us aren't as good at g... (see all)
Posted By: mdakw576 (3/13/2010 4:13:27 PM)


The essence of blue right here. Know you opponent's strategy intimately, react to it, win.
Posted By: MrPink343 (10/9/2009 9:49:21 PM)


The flavor text more or less sums up the experience one has playing this card in a duel.
"Oh. I kinda figured that's what you had."
Also, in multiplayer, I find this card gets you killed...when everyone sees each others' hands and don't see an immediate threat, they tend to attack the only unknown: you.
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (8/28/2010 5:38:55 PM)


this card always makes playing blue fun.
Posted By: ItsSlaughteringTime (9/10/2010 10:46:33 PM)


No reprint in 2011? W. T. F.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (7/21/2010 3:46:07 PM)


I simply love the flavor text in this card. It also does an excellent job at giving the user an strategic advantage from the get go (I mean one blue mana? Seriously?). Excellent artwork, flavor, and extremely useful early on in the game. This is an excellent 4/5 for me.
Posted By: Fredin (7/19/2009 11:03:03 PM)


This card is one of the cards that are kept in the core set for beginners, since knowing what your opponents play seems very powerful for a beginner. Otherwise it remains a useful card especially with its CMC...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (5/27/2010 10:49:43 AM)


This card is really fun and not entirely impractical either. It just gets tedious in large multiplayer games to have everyone always needing to be able to see each other's hand.
Posted By: SleetFox (6/24/2010 3:40:53 PM)


I love dropping this in multiplayer games. The major problem with it is that if you get more than one its a dead card, and thats why its bad in constructed.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/26/2010 7:45:35 AM)


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