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use with scrib nibblers for some fun.

this card is pretty fun by itself, though. it's basically unsummon only in addition to bouncing the creature, it makes your opponent skip their next draw step. it would be really fun if it was an instant, but such is life.
Posted By: Uhhsam (4/1/2010 5:33:11 PM)


Together with Oust and Lapse of Certainty, you can slow down your opponents for casual play ofc
Posted By: BlueCorona (5/16/2010 2:53:18 AM)


In casual, I save this for any mono black deck.

Fun to use to bounce anything summoned with Dark Ritual. Some of the looks I've gotten...
Posted By: pistolsforpandas (10/21/2010 5:54:13 PM)


I love the tempo disrupt of this card.
Posted By: MalleusAetis (1/7/2010 9:42:41 PM)


@Maskbeast & Tchristo:
This can target only creatures on the battlefield

@Card: This is unusual enough for white as an effect to make it an interesting card to consider in casual constructed. As many other players have already said, it is great in limited formats.
Posted By: holgir (8/12/2009 4:57:07 AM)


Forced Retreat/Time Ebb in white.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (7/11/2009 3:03:12 PM)


Much better than I was expecting in the sealed prerelease. Great at clearing that vital blocker out of the way when you swing in at the end.
Posted By: asmallcat (7/13/2009 7:28:58 AM)


Completely and utterly screws over your opponen'ts tempo in Limited.
Posted By: MetalCrisis (7/12/2009 11:54:34 AM)


in a w/u/b mill deck it can be so cool
Posted By: Iiory (8/4/2009 7:59:51 AM)


This card is ok, as it was when it came out in Shards of Alara; However, it lost a great deal of it's use when I discovered it was a sorcery and pitiful at spot removal.
Posted By: Oleander (7/12/2009 9:34:43 PM)


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