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This has served me so well. Stolen countless game-winning creatures with this. One time someone had no mana for 5 turns and discarded all their rare/mythic rare creatures and on turn 6 played a swamp, 2 dark rituals and cast Living Death and put down a Xathrid Demon, Royal Assassin, Wrexial, the Risen Deep and a bunch of other nasties. Next turn I cast Act of Treason on his Wrexial, the Risen Deep and attacked him with it and cast his living death from his graveyard returning everything to his graveyard and bringing everyone elses creatures back. Made my day :)
Posted By: Tsuruya-Green (5/25/2010 3:05:20 AM)


Yay for another new card!
Posted By: True_Mumin (7/12/2009 1:00:45 PM)


fun to combine with devour
Posted By: gnilleps (9/20/2009 10:12:53 PM)


Flavor wise, Threaten only makes sense if your using it on a intelligent creature; one that can be forced to do something because they value thier life, or something of that matter. But it doesn't make any sense when you threaten something like an Enormous Baloth that can't even understand reason or language. Act of Treason works better because its unleashing the inner chaos that exists within all beings.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/12/2009 7:52:49 PM)


Treason is Red, Threaten sounds like something Black would do.
Posted By: Champion_Kitsune (10/25/2009 9:11:47 PM)


I like this new card... a way to control a creature is not really bad for red cards... but i would much prefer to use Slave of Bolas than this one... ul sacrifice the creature with Slave of Bolas rather than return it to the owner after ur turn... but with the proper deck build, Act of Treason can give high advantage...
Posted By: God_of_Destruction (7/23/2009 6:53:10 AM)


Rather than blab about combos etc etc, this card is simply just great if you're running a Goblin aggro deck and need to pave the way for a Warren Instigator. Run some Lightning Bolts and Goblin Shortcutter's and you're sure to get a hit in and lay down some Siege-Gangs!
Posted By: eternitycode (4/27/2010 1:25:24 PM)


well now we can have threaten and act in the same deck for edh..thats relevant Right?!
Posted By: thaviel (8/2/2009 5:14:47 PM)


I'm not seeing how this card is any different than Threaten, except for the word order.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (7/11/2009 1:24:19 PM)


Has anyone noticed the thing floating above the angel's head looks a lot like Oblivion Crown?
Posted By: RisingMoon (7/29/2009 1:24:42 PM)