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I can't believe where we are at.

Nightmare is not overcosted.
Nightmare is always a game changer in mono-black.

Of course you are NOT going to use it anywhere else than Casual.

It should NOT cost anything less.
More (B) in the cost would make it more coherent, but whatever... it's already "mono-black".

The card is perfect as it is, and should be considered a standard.

Oh and the artwork is FABULOUS.
Posted By: DeRptones (3/19/2011 12:38:37 PM)


Comparing to visara is not really fair, since visara is kinda broken even by modern standards.
This is a great card, a shame to see it cycle out, a flying 6/6 6CMC in black that gets even stronger, it's not undercosted (of course you wouldn't have it in multi colour, goes without saying). It can kill baneslayer. I like it, though I think the art could have been more dramatic, it just looks like a black, underfed horse surrounded by gas. Liked the old one better, both with art and flavour, the flavour text of the old one perfectly explains it, the new flavour text isn't as nice.
Posted By: Sironos (12/4/2010 5:44:23 AM)


My first deck ever was the Dead Again starter deck... Huggles Nightmare. I love this card...
Posted By: Vampire__ (12/21/2009 6:26:30 AM)


Love this card, always have. Waiting for the day it comes back to Standard.

A note to Wizards; the mythological precident for Nightmare is actually the Celtic Puca. Pucas, tradtionally speaking, took the form of a horse, rabbit, goblin or even a dog. Nightmare should really be classified as a shapeshifter.
Posted By: colvincd (11/15/2011 6:02:18 PM)


"Does my crown no longer count now that I've been imprisoned for a thousand years? Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?"
Posted By: Althom (3/2/2012 1:45:29 PM)


If someone plays one of these against you, just use the Elements of Harmony.
Posted By: Arachnos (10/21/2011 5:03:16 PM)


Bad Horse.
You know, he's the thourough-bred of sin.
/Dr. Horrible reference
Posted By: infernox10 (12/11/2010 2:02:31 AM)


This card won me a wrath of god in a 3man ante duel when I was very new to the world of magic... My friends were not new to magic... They doudted the power of my Nightmare.
Posted By: Marlo12345 (8/9/2011 9:13:51 PM)


The night... will last... FOREVER! *cue evil laughter*
Posted By: Reishyn (2/4/2013 8:14:20 AM)


@Shadoflaam: You're probably looking for Thundermare. Good try though.
Posted By: Totema (11/4/2012 4:43:39 PM)