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"But wait, how do you know for sure? What rational basis do you have to presume that the thing which this goblin carries in his hand is not, in fact, some kind of newfangled heating device that he is on a mission of utmost urgency to deliver (in which case he would be delivering the "mail" as you say)? Could not his angry gaze then be due to the fact that we are standing in his way and threatening him with spears? Perhaps your assumption has racist underto-"
-Last words of Delaram the Sophist, Sea Gate militia lieutenant.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (6/2/2011 6:28:43 PM)


Uhhh, don't you mean Two Towers?

Don't want to sound *too* nerdy, but these are MTG card comments after all . . .
Posted By: faisjdas (3/15/2011 6:38:57 PM)


This card makes a wonderful combo with Guard Duty. Okay, maybe a bit expensive, but in a set about huge creatures and slower games, it could be worth something.
Posted By: ForOfTrumps (8/25/2010 7:07:58 AM)


Might have been so-so but with all this defender theme it my do well.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/15/2010 10:39:59 PM)


Depending on the metagame, this is going to be a sideboard card for RDW. Though Flame Slash already makes four toughness walls defunct anyway. Wall of Denial still laughs at everyone.
Posted By: chrishocker (4/16/2010 11:53:08 AM)


I think Wizard's been watchin' Return of the King.
Posted By: NARFNra (11/23/2010 6:20:28 PM)


Only good in limited. Very good though in limited, but I don't think it will be of much use outside of.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (4/23/2010 9:25:09 PM)


This is pretty good in limited. Kill a wall and shock for 3 is nifty. A lot of times that will leave them open for a turn and you can get in for maybe 2 or 3 more. So you can hit someone for 4 or 5 easy by drawing this guy.
Posted By: Sacrier (4/19/2010 10:16:01 PM)


Guard Duty
Posted By: angelheartvial (2/13/2011 11:50:48 AM)


Stray Dog you win. Report to Seattle for Gleemax reconditioning and full-time flavor text writing. Do not pass Go, do not draw 200 cards.
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/8/2012 4:22:46 PM)


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