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So much fun! And it stacks nicely with additional copies!
Build a deck with nothing but this, sorceries and instants!

Get more bang for your buck with:
Buyback: Sprout Swarm, Fanning the Flames
Flashback: Chatter of the Squirrel, Elephant Ambush, Past in Flames
Retrace: Spitting Image (turns even your land draws into charge counters!)
Etcetera: Arc Blade, Tezzeret's Gambit

Of course, you need some acceleration: Search for tomorrow, rampant growth
And I like that Gilt-Leaf Ambush helps you get a Wand earlier.
It is my dream to cast overrun with no creatures and get a Wand kill.
Posted By: kiseki (4/3/2012 4:00:41 PM)


Put in a deck with Everflowing Chalice and cheap Proliferate spells.
Posted By: StaberFire (9/6/2010 5:17:07 PM)


Wolfbear's math is perfect, just poorly explained.

1 spell = 1 damage, making the current total 1.
2nd spell = 2 damage. 1, plus 2 new, makes 3 damage TOTAL.
3rd spell = 3 damage. So, 3, plus 3 from before, makes a total of 6.
4th spell = 4 damage, plus 6 from before, so now we've done 10 damage, total, with 4 spells.

I know everyone has an issue with it's cost, but as it's been said, anything lower would be outrageous. Consider that you can drop a Inexorable Tide as a 5-drop, and that red DOES have some ramp in the form of various rituals here and there; which aren't a waste of a card even late-game when they still score charge counters, while providing mana for other spells. It's not a perfect card, probably not tournament-worthy, but not every card has to be, in order to be good. This card has it's place.
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (1/17/2012 5:23:48 PM)


I agree the card is a bit difficult to play but it can be truly devastating once it's out. In a multiplayer game, I had this and my Cast Through Time out, then that coupled with multiple low cost blue spells allowed me to deal 50-60 damage in two turns, wiping out all of my opponents. I had 8 life left at the end of that second turn, and the other players were starting to team up on me so this wand essentially saved me and won that game for me. If it only cost 5 it would be broken, if it had cost 6 it would be amazing, but it costs 7, which is kind of the thresh-hold for making this card hard to use which I think is kind of appropriate considering this thing is definitely a game ender. I give it a 4/5
Posted By: IshubarashI (7/4/2010 1:45:43 AM)


Posted By: TheHandyman (1/26/2011 10:59:59 AM)


I'm Putting mine in my fire and lightning along with my chandra ablaze
Posted By: Jackal_Master_FTW (11/21/2010 8:47:03 AM)


I've been toying around with this card and shape anew in standard. It's the only artifact in my deck. By using tuktuk the explorer and stone idol trap, i can use shape anew to pull out the wand every time. Best of all, it makes a U/R deck which is perfect.
Posted By: specs808 (12/7/2010 5:18:40 PM)


I like the flavor of this. It also might be playable in a red/blue deck, or even just a blue deck with a lot of countermagic. This is basically a win condition that doesn't require you do change much. Just keep reacting, and then people get hurt! Yay! But 7 mana is a lot; I'm not sure I wouldn't rather just wait another turn or so for an Eldrazi.
Posted By: SleetFox (4/16/2010 8:15:20 AM)


before people go holding out on instants and sorcerys to us this with lets brake it down.
spells: damage
So only 6 to kill, but any decent deck will have been chipping away little by little, so that's realy only 5, maybe 4. That number shrinks even more with rebond spells. Or if those spells are burn...

Simply replacing Eye of the Storm with this will be game. So yeah, kinda worth it in those type of decks.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (4/16/2010 9:49:14 PM)


costs way too much
Posted By: BobTheBuillder (4/16/2010 3:20:43 PM)